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Harry Styles Says ‘Dunkirk’ Audition Was Scarier Than Auditioning for Simon Cowell

On the British talk show This Morning, pop star-turned-actor Harry Styles was asked about the difference between auditioning for Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan and auditioning for Simon Cowell. Styles auditioned for Cowell on the X Factor in 2010, which turned into a spot in the boy band One Direction. Cowell is known for being brash and brutally honest, but Styles said it was actually harder to audition for Nolan — mainly because he is the exact opposite of Cowell. Styles says Nolan just sits in the darkness in the back of the room and doesn’t say anything.

Harry Styles makes his Hollywood debut in “Dunkirk.” (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Nolan said that he’d heard of Styles but was unaware of his popularity at the time of the audition, and he’d gotten some pushback after casting him. In fact, Nolan compared it to the pushback he got after casting Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight. But Nolan is adamant that Styles got the role based on his talent alone.

So after going through the intense audition process and getting the part, there was just one more thing Styles had to do to prepare for the role: chop off those lovely locks.

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