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HASHR8 Launches Compass — A Bitcoin Mining and Hosting Platform

·2 min read

Wilmington, DE, Oct. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HASHR8 Inc., a trusted global leader in Bitcoin mining media, announced today its launch of Compass, an intuitive platform that matches bitcoin miners with verified hosting facilities around the world.

Compass is designed to empower everyone to mine bitcoin profitably. The platform enables miners to secure competitive hosting agreements with the lowest-cost mining facilities worldwide, automating the process and eliminating broker fees.

Bitcoin mining has historically presented steep competition and high barriers to entry. Those willing to brave these conditions face the cumbersome process of sourcing their hardware from a credible distributor, selecting an ideal hosting facility, and negotiating a favorable electricity rate. The whole process can be overwhelming, and it presents considerable counterparty risk.

"Bitcoin mining is a global game now, and Compass gives everyone the best opportunity to compete. Whether a miner wants to move from China to a facility with a better power rate or a fund wants to deploy their first 100 mining machines, Compass makes it easy.", said Thomas Heller, COO of HASHR8.

Compass removes all barriers to hosting and provides an excellent user experience. Miners can now purchase hardware and seamlessly secure space in the world's best facilities at competitive rates, and start profitably mining bitcoin much faster.

Compass will make it feasible for small-scale miners to compete in the bitcoin mining industry once again. As a firm, HASHR8 closely resonates with the ideologies underpinning Bitcoin. Hashrate becoming overly concentrated among a minority of players is a common concern. Compass facilitates the broader distribution of hashrate among the proprietors of the Bitcoin network.

"Decentralization for Bitcoin comes through the democratization of mining. Irrespective of nations, most hashrate is controlled by a few dozen miners," said Whit Gibbs, CEO of HASHR8. "We are excited to give everyone the ability to mine bitcoin profitably and truly decentralize the network."

Compass currently has significant hosting capacity available from the best data centers worldwide. Facilities have been listed from North America, China, Kazakhstan, and Iceland. Upon launch, Compass users will be able to purchase hosting agreements, hardware, or a combination of both. In the near future, Compass intends to launch more products and features to empower miners.

Start mining bitcoin today at minewithcompass.com.

About HASHR8

HASHR8 is a modern mining company focused on democratizing bitcoin mining while providing actionable insights through research and media. Founded in 2019, HASHR8 gained credibility through their trustworthy content and candid interviews with the leading professionals in the industry, leading Forbes to name them one of the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Podcasts of 2020.

Their core product, Compass, will empower bitcoin miners to buy and host hardware with ease. Compass opens bitcoin mining to funds, institutions, hobbyists, hodlers, and believers. For the first time in a long time, everyone can mine bitcoin with low-cost power at the best facilities in the world.

Media Contact Information:
Whit Gibbs