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I Hated Laundry Day Until I Discovered These All-in-One Laundry Sheets

Photo credit: Kayla Ramsey
Photo credit: Kayla Ramsey

From Best Products

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What We Tested This Week: Dreambly Wash + Dry Laundry Sheets

Who This Is Perfect for: Those who want a lightweight and mess-free alternative to traditional liquid detergents.

I can't be the only weirdo who finds household chores relaxing. Any opportunity to binge-listen to the Slow Burn podcast is a welcome one, even if it involves schlepping to the laundromat to run a few loads on a weekend morning.

The only part about this weekly jaunt that I actively dislike is lugging around that giant jug of laundry detergent. You know the one — it's heavy, messy, and always results in weeklong shoulder pains. Carrying it feels like a karmic punishment, especially because I always seem to forget it at the laundromat, and have to make the Walk of Rage to retrieve it. Clearly the detergent market was due for disruption, which is why I'm so glad that the Dreambly Wash + Dry Laundry Sheets exist. My laundry days have been changed for good.

Photo credit: Kayla Ramsey
Photo credit: Kayla Ramsey

This 40-pack of moistened sheets is truly an all-in-one wonder, functioning as a detergent, a stain remover, a fabric softener, a whitener, a color-brightener, and an anti-static solution at once. Plus, it's no heavier than carrying a pack of makeup-remover wipes in your bag! One sheet per load is recommended, though I use two, since my laundry loads are inexplicably huge. I just pop the sheets into the washing machine with my clothes, and then transport them into the dryer when finished. It couldn't be any easier. Their scent is another reason why I'm obsessed. It's "Clean Lemon Sage," and it's botanically, herbaceously delightful.

Lest you think you're trading one necessary evil for another, I'm happy to report that the formula in these sheets is comprised of all-natural, cruelty-free, and EPA-certified ingredients, and is USDA-certified 100% biodegradable. The sheets themselves are made of wood-pulp-derived rayon viscose, and are also biodegradable within three weeks. Even you lucky devils who have in-house washer/dryers could probably benefit from using a cleaner and greener detergent! The pack is also a vibrant electric-lime hue, which is a brilliant packaging move, ensuring that I won't leave it stranded on top of the washing machine for the millionth time.

Tip: I actually repurpose the used-up sheets as dust cloths before shredding and composting them.

Earth-friendly, mess-free, eye-catching, and freshly scented — what more could you want from your detergent? The Dreambly Wash + Dry Laundry Sheets are truly a chore-day game changer.

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