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Haymarket Media Introduces New Data Offering for Pharma Marketers

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Haymarket Media is proud to announce the official launch of Haylo, a transformative data offering that connects pharma marketers with millions of verified healthcare professionals.

Built on Haymarket's 30-plus years of healthcare expertise and borne out of the need to make sense of the fragmented data in the healthcare advertising space, Haylo transforms disparate data points into actionable solutions, providing pharma marketers the opportunity to strategically engage with their target audience.

The Haylo suite of products features three core offerings: Haylo HCP, Haylo Consumer, and Haylo Rep.

Haylo HCP provides advertisers the unique ability to reach their target healthcare professionals (HCPs) at the 1:1 level. Leveraging Haymarket's 1st party opt-in data, pharma marketers can activate non-endemic cross-device programs with full reporting.

Haylo Consumer is a direct-to-consumer solution that combines contextual history on Haymarket's ever-expanding portfolio of clinical websites with its understanding of HCPs' prescribing and diagnosis patterns to create custom audiences.

Haylo Rep offers brands the ability to own a specialty SOV by mimicking a pharma rep. Haymarket delivers custom advertising, email, and triggered messaging programs based on the content of the rep visit or target specialty.

"We're excited to bring this new product to market because it addresses a critical need for healthcare marketers: making sense of fragmented data and utilizing it to deliver better marketing results," said Mike Graziani, President of Haymarket's Medical Communications Division. "We're proud of Haylo because it provides healthcare advertisers the opportunity to not only engage with millions of verified healthcare professionals, but to do so strategically and at an individual level."

For more information, visit HayloData.com.

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