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Hayo is a connected device that wants to make you the master of your domain

Lulu Chang

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Who needs a universal remote when you can turn the universe into a remote instead? That’s the approach being taken by Hayo, a new Internet of Things (IoT) device launching on Indiegogo today. Together with its accompanying app, Hayo turns everyday objects, surfaces, and spaces into virtual remote controls for your smart home. Being the master of your domain just took on a whole new meeting.

The ambitious device claims to scan the objects and spaces in your vicinity, turning them into a set of “magical buttons” that can be set and toggled to control various appliances. Turn on your lights or turn off your speakers, set the temperature or reset your security cameras, all with gestures or simple taps.

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“At Hayo we are all about bringing the unconventional to life,” says CEO Gisele Belliot, “We are committed to improving lives through spatial analysis technology, giving users the ability to create useful remote controls. Four core values that we want our community to experience are empowerment, adaptability, magic and collaboration, and Hayo is just the beginning.”

So how does it work? Broadly speaking, Hayo creates a 3D image map of a room, which you can view in the companion app. From here, you can create virtual remote controls on top of objects or in the air. Then, simply connect these controls to connected home platforms and products. And because Hayo is always sensing your movements and gestures, you can start moving, grooving, and controlling right away. The IoT device claims that you’ll be able to raise your arm to turn on your speakers, tap the corner of your coffee table to adjust the volume, or even point at your lights to turn them on or off.

The Hayo is available now for pre-order from Indiegogo for $199, with an estimated delivery date of August.