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Meet the richest person in New York

You always hear talk of the 1% and the .01% but who are they, exactly?

Forbes is naming names in the “Richest in every state” list for 2015. In New York the richest person is David Koch, says the magazine.

The 74 year old billionaire shares control of Koch Industries with his older brother Charles; the private conglomerate is involved in many businesses including oil, building materials, as well as paper towels, Dixie cups and more, manufactured by its Georgia Pacific unit. “He’s a massive industrialist,” explained Abram Brown, an associate editor who helped develop the list and a familiar face on the pages of Forbes.

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It comes as little surprise that Koch won the top spot in New York; he also ranked #6 in a Forbes ranking of the richest people on the planet. Who was the second runner up? Brown said “Michael Bloomberg,” the former mayor of New York City and founder of the well known financial software, media and data company, holds that position. “He’s worth around $36 billion,” Brown added, which is a lot of money, but a far cry from Koch who is worth closer to $43 billion.

Turning attention to the West coast, tech continues to generate great wealth with Larry Ellison, the founder and former CEO of Oracle (ORCL) named the richest person in California with a net worth of approximated $53 billion. “And the number two person in California is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook (FB),” Brown said.

Turning attention to other areas of the nation, Brown added that Gary Drummond, the chairman and CEO of Drummond, a privately held coal mining company, is the richest person in Alabama, while a money manager worth $300 million is the richest person in Alaska.”

Though Forbes compiles lists regularly, Brown said this is the first time the company has published the "Richest person in each state."

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