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Headed to the Mall?

Brian Bolan



Black Friday is here and given that you are reading this … and commenting on the post … who do you think will be the big winner?

TV News stations are showing long checkout lines at a number of stores, and most notably Best Buy.  Does that make the electronics retailer primed for a X-mas surprise?

I am expecting a few things from this holiday selling season.  First, there is the extra week between Thanksgiving and the end of the month.  In fact, this year holds the maximum number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but is this a good sign for retailers? 

I think this will be one of those years where consumers, whose job conditions and prospects have improved, will be waiting for the best deals possible. That would translate into two plus weeks of very poor sales which would force retailers to drop prices drastically.


So do you plan to fight the crowds later today?

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