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Headzone Launches GO on Kickstarter, bringing Innovative Lighting Technology to the Beauty Space

GO by Headzone features an expertly-designed, adjustable LED light panel that revolutionizes the lighted compact makeup mirror

MILWAUKEE, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- GO by Headzone launched on Kickstarter today introducing an elegant, compact makeup mirror complete with an adjustable LED light panel. Created by a team of optical designers and product stylists, GO brings innovative lighting technology into a user's beauty routine in an attractive accessory that is simple to use and classy to carry.

The large lighting panel incorporates soft, diffused light to eliminate the harsh glare and shadows that are created by LEDs and light strips found on many ring lights and mirrors. The light is built above the mirror, not into it, allowing the user to position the lighting independently of the mirror. GO also mimics the downward direction of light in the real world, making for a more natural look.

"I would wake up in the morning and my partner Terri would be using my high-tech flashlights while she was putting on her makeup," said Joe Shaffer, co-founder with Terri Blair of Headzone. "She always said poor lighting around mirrors was such a problem for her and everyone else, everywhere we go. So being the 'Flashlight Guy,' I knew we could come up with something much better. That's why we created GO."

GO by Headzone has 11 highly accurate light color settings providing a complete range of natural sunlight — from soft and warm to bright and vibrant. Users can see their true colors for flawless touch-ups regardless of the ambient lighting around them. And 11 brightness settings provide a range of 25-385 lux, so the amount of light can be adjusted to what works best at that time of day and in the current setting.

GO is powered by a USB-rechargeable battery, and includes a standard USB charging cable. It runs for 5+ hours at full brightness on a single charge, and has a memory feature that remembers your previous settings.

GO's 1x mirror is perfect for applying makeup or for flawless touch-ups on the go. The deeply-brushed aluminum lid and silky soft-touch chassis make it an elegant accessory for any car, purse or makeup bag. GO is available in three gorgeous colors: Silver, Rose Gold, or Pale Gold.

GO by Headzone is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter for $54, a 45% savings off the retail price. For more information about the campaign or to place a preorder, visit pr.go2.fund/headzone.

About Headzone:
Joe Shaffer, the flashlight guy, has years of experience in the lighting industry. He is the owner and CEO of ArgoNorth LLC, a company designing portable lighting products for outdoor sporting goods brands since 2003. Terri Blair, beauty maven, is a former advertising executive and award-winning hairstylist, who brings her beauty and marketing expertise to Headzone. The Headzone team is excited to introduce GO to bring better, more natural lighting to portable makeup mirrors. For more information, please visit headzonelighting.com.