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Healing the Family Cures 'Your Pet's Peeves' Says New Pet Book

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Jun 6, 2014) - Are you frustrated with your pet for habitual or chronic misdeeds? Well, guess what? That animal may have even more reason to be frustrated with you, according to pet psychologist Anastasia Nikolskaya, or "Dr. Stacey," in her new book.

"Pet owners who complain about their poorly behaving pets are usually surprised or even annoyed when I ask questions about their relationships with other people in the household or their own fears and so forth," says Dr. Stacey. "What they don't realize is that their family relationships and fears almost always affect their pets."

She details this fact in her new book, "Your Pet's Peeves: What Your Pet's Issues Say About You" (Allwrite Publishing, print: 978-1941716-01-4; ebook: 978-1941716-00-7). The book describes problems as an "animal" issue; a "human" issue; or an issue with both parties. "Your Pet's Peeves" includes a collection of captivating cases by Nikolskaya who exposes the frustrations, motivation, and humor during her consulting sessions with pet owners. In recounting her clients' dilemmas, Nikolskaya gives pet owners a unique opportunity to see themselves through others while equipping them with strategies to improve their pet and even their families.

Nikolskaya earned her Ph.D. in psychology at Moscow State University in Russia. In addition to authoring three other books and 50 academic papers on the subject of interactions between humans and pets, Nikolskaya is a well-known international lecturer and on-air expert on human-pet interactions.

She will be at the Microsoft Store in Lenox Mall, Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, June 14, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to entertain questions from pet owners, as well as to discuss her new book.

Pet owners' primary complaints are that their pets have problems with fears, debilitating loneliness, aggression, and hygiene, according to Nikolskaya, who has consulted with pet owners for more than seven years. "So [pet owners] can come out and discuss some of these issues with me. What they may hear will probably surprise them."

As an animal psychologist, Nikolskaya focuses on animals of the same species, breed or litter who behave uncharacteristically. Usually, however, the dynamic with a pet will not change unless the owner overcomes his/her relationships with other people in the same household. "There is the rare occasion when the human is doing everything in her power to foster a relationship with the pet, and the pet is the one with the mental, emotional, or physical problems."