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Health Literacy Innovations Announces the Health Literacy Advisor Online, a New Web-Based Interactive Health Literacy Tool

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The HLA Online Helps to Simplify Complicated, Confusing Information for Health Consumers

BETHESDA, Md., Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Literacy Innovations (HLI), a health literacy company that creates tools to reduce medical mistakes and confusion due to low health literacy today, announces the next generation of the Health Literacy Advisor (HLA): the HLA Online, a new web-based HLA.

The HLA Online, which now supports MACs, tablets, smart phones and is accessible from any device with an Internet connection, reflects the market need for an interactive web-based health literacy and readability tool.

"With the launch of the new HLA Online, we are changing the pulse of health literacy technology," says HLA Chief Content Expert and Multilingual Director Aracely Rosales. "The new HLA Online will be a game changer for health communicators and those trying to meet tough Medicaid health literacy and plain language standards."

In addition to enhanced accessibility, the new HLA Online offers a new quick select and replace word feature, integration with other applications, and customization options to include company-specific information such as lexicon and taglines. Entirely HIPAA compliant, the new HLA Online includes enhanced safety features such as two-factor authentication, safeguards to protect information, as well as the standard HLA Desktop capabilities to evaluate readability, plain language, and suitability.

About Health Literacy
The U.S health care system maintains one of the most sophisticated health care delivery systems in the world. However, in spite of the many advances in treatment and technology, a major barrier exists: Nearly half all U.S. adults lack the skills necessary to read, understand, and act on their own health such as how to take their medications or understand basic health care instructions. This issue is known as low health literacy. Low health literacy is a stronger predictor of health status than age, income, employment, education, race, or ethnicity. An estimated 80 million Americans have low health literacy, which not only causes medical errors, high rates of hospitalization, death, and poor health care outcomes, but is estimated to cost the U.S. economy up to $236 billion annually.

About Health Literacy Innovations
Health Literacy Innovations (HLI) creates tools to reduce medical mistakes, unnecessary health care costs, and poor health outcomes from low health literacy. HLI's flagship product, the Health Literacy Advisor (HLA) (in Spanish--Asesor de Comunicación en Salud), is a state-of-the-art interactive health literacy software tool available in multiple platforms, including a web-based model. As a "health literacy checker," the HLA revolutionizes the labor-intensive health literacy review process by leveraging powerful software to help communicators evaluate, standardize, and produce clear health information. The uniquely-built HLA blends best-in-class features for plain language and health literacy compliance that include English and Spanish readability indices, an interactive plain language search-and-replace function, usability, and document assessment tools that rewards users for good work, and more. For more information, please visit http://www.healthliteracyinnovations.com, contact sales@healthliteracyinnovations.com or call 301-230-4966.


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