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HealthBird, the Match.com for Health Insurance, Officially Launches to Revolutionize the 100-Years Old Industry by Providing Accessibility

MIAMI, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- HealthBird, the first online platform to simplify the health insurance experience for consumers, launches on November 1, 2022. HealthBird, designed by Reflekt Technologies Corporation, developed a proprietary ecosystem to streamline the process of shopping, enrolling, and managing health insurance policies in one place, with a tap. Powered by AI algorithms, HealthBird finds insurance plans based on unique preferences and needs using a free-of-charge Swipe Left/SwipeRight = Match system. Over 90 insurance providers and plans range from healthcare to dental, vision, and hearing plans.


HealthBird is founded by two exceptional entrepreneurs, one being Armenian-born Irena Tigranyan. Irena noticed a gap in the health insurance industry between the general public needing essential health insurance and being forced to experience a complicated and long enrollment process. That is when the founders knew an unbiased platform, fashioned like Match.com, was necessary for the insurance industry to end the daunting plan searching, using challenging marketplaces, and working with insurance brokers. Soon after, HealthBird was in the works and secured a seed round of $1.6M.

HealthBird is revolutionizing the 100+ year-old insurance industry by bringing transparency and simplification to the health insurance enrollment process. HealthBird provides not only convenience but is on a mission to make insurance a more personalized and easily understood platform free for use. HealthBird's direct-to-consumer business model does not have the goal to equate profit from the insurance plans sold to its consumers.

The HealthBird platform goes beyond offering health insurance-related services. It works as a policy and benefits management tool to create a wholesome experience within one platform. HealthBird provides tools to schedule doctor's appointments, find nearby doctors (Doctor Finder), track different medications intake and be alerted when there are negative interactions between them (Digital Medicine Cabinet), and have all prescriptions and doctors' notes in one place. The platform also offers HealthNest to manage loved ones' and/or family members' critical information like medical visits, policy details, medications etc. Information in HealthNest is only shared upon the owner's permission when emergencies arise. HealthBird provides its customers with tailored concierge service available 7 days a week for enrolled customers who need support along the line.

In January 2023, HealthBird will release the HealthBird app for iOS and Android to easily navigate all insurance benefits on the go.

About Healthbird

HealthBird is an AI algorithm-based platform and an app developed by Reflekt Technologies Inc. founded in 2021, in Miami (FL). HealthBird works on a Swipe Left/SwipeRight = Match system to find users' personalized insurance plans. HealthBird also works as a platform that stores medications and prescription records, insurance cards, and more. HealthBird is setting the stage with its groundbreaking innovation in both the tech and insurance industries.

Irena Tigranyan
Co-founder & COO


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