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Hedge Fund Trident Capital Management LLC Earns Top-Ten Performance Award

Highly Acclaimed Systematic Trader Jay Feuerstein is back

CHICAGO, Aug. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Jay Feuerstein, a highly-acclaimed systematic trader with more than three decades as a quant-trader and portfolio engineer, is back at it again, receiving the "Top-Ten" performance award from BarclayHedge for his fund's June 2019 return of +8.9%.  Feuerstein, who launched his fund, the Trident Futures Fund LP ("TCM", "Trident") in January of this year, has reported five of the six months in the positive and has a year-to-date return of 16%, through June 30, 2019. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Trident Capital Management LLC (PRNewsfoto/Trident Capital Management LLC)

TCM was built to be "the most durable, differentiated and diverse portfolio in the Global-Macro space. The main edge is its ability to identify risk regimes and profit from the re-pricing of assets during the times of changing risk-appetite. While other Systematic Global-Macro and CTA portfolios suffered during the past decade, TCM, which trades only Futures, was designed to out-perform during the post-2008 trading era," commented Jay.  "Our cutting-edge quant models are able to determine risk regimes that dictate our appetite for risk assets, which has been the key to performing during those hard years.  When the stock-market bottomed in 2009, after the prior-year's crash, TCM models not only exploited the crash but they were also nimble enough to re-balance and profit when stocks changed course, and rallied," he continued.

Feuerstein, whose pedigree and personal successes alone provides credibility for TCM's investors (He founded and was CEO of Xenon Capital Management which reported +43% return during the 2008 debacle, earning him "Top-Trader" by Futures Magazine and featured him the in February 2009 article.  He also led Xenon through numerous performance awards, including IAIR award in 2011 and 2012 as a top U.S. managed Futures firm.  He later sold Xenon to Manning and Napier, a publicly traded Asset Manager and spent two years with them before leaving to begin working on the development of TCM).  It was this experience and Jay's thesis for the new fund that led two Chicago-based family offices (D'Orazio Capital and G-Bar LP) in their decision to partner with him.  Matt Gray, President of G-Bar LP, one of Chicago's largest and most profitable trading houses, shared, "Our firm reviewed well in-excess of 1,000 proposals for new funds and trading strategies over the years and TCM is the first one we elected to support.  What Jay designed is not only unique, but to be candid, makes logical sense.  We strongly believe the market will be interested in learning about the opportunity TCM provides."

"The goal of TCM was to create a differentiated strategy from its peers in an opportunistic way; as an example, TCM exploits trends if present, but if choppy, as they have been since 2008, our portfolio re-balances and focuses on the risk regime aspects, rather than trends.  So, at times, TCM has negative correlations with peers and at other times, strong correlations, depending on the profit opportunity.  Overall, the daily correlation to the CTA indices, thus far, is under 0.4 and the correlation to the stock-market is zero," Jay stated. 

Matt Gray commented, "We have capacity in excess of $1 billion, but our goal for TCM is rather simple: maintain performance as we grow and considering we trade the most liquid markets in the world, we should have no problem doing just that."  As for a final thought from Feuerstein, "This is a culmination of all that I have done over the past 30 years.  It is my legacy, and I am so very proud and excited to bring the opportunities of TCM to the market."

About Trident Capital Management LLC

Trident Capital Management LLC ("TCM") is a fully diversified Systematic Global-Macro strategy, trading all four asset classes:  stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies.  TCM earns its profit on the re-pricing of those asset classes during changes in economic-cycles, as well as risk-regimes.  For more information about TCM, please visit www.tcmff.com, or call Matthew Rawlings, Partner in charge of Investor Relations at (312) 948-8938. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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Trident Capital Management LLC



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