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How Helios Neural Network’s Blockchain Is Accelerating AI Outcomes In Health By Providing Access To Quality, Indexed Data

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2018 / With deep expertise in healthcare and AI start-ups, the Helios Neural Network (HNN) team have tackled the core issue every AI vendor faces via the development of a Blockchain driven platform that indexes, stores and processes data to accelerate Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have somewhat become household phrases in any technical conversation, however, we are yet to witness revolutionary improvement across industries such as healthcare. Herein the promise of improved diagnoses and better patient outcomes remains something the world awaits to see in their local clinic, outside of controlled studies in journals and media releases. The challenge is not only inaccessibility of large volumes of data, but in harnessing data that meets a quality threshold for machine learning to grow in accuracy.

HNN is underway developing and testing of a custom platform that will incentivise data producing organisations to share their data using industry standard protocols wherein the data will be indexed, anonymized and distribute across a global network of nodes powered by the HNN Blockchain. HNN's premier application Helios Health Connect will utilise standards in radiology such as DICOM and HL7 so any organisation that acquires x-rays, be it a hospital or a suburban clinic, can contribute their data, for AI vendors to improve diagnostic accuracy. All the while being rewarded for doing so, vendors are guaranteed that the patient data is anonymised and secure. Smart contracts will ensure stored data is compliant with applicable legislation or requirements such as data sovereignty.

The AI Vendors working in healthcare outcomes, in turn, are able to access exactly the data they require for their use cases to ensure faster outcomes and real-world viability. For instance, AI vendors building solutions for the detection of lung nodules will be able to access globally contributed x-rays, CT Scans and MRI's where lung nodules were detected by way of HNN's indexing and a global network of masternodes. The AI vendors will no longer need traditional large, costly data warehouses to store and process this data, but rather can let HNN take care of this so they can focus on the outcomes and tuning of algorithms.

To facilitate this process, the HNN token will be the sole method of a transaction within the Helios Economy and participating nodes will be rewarded relative to their level of contribution. HNN's proprietary Blockchain stores only the contracts formed between the components that make up the platform such as nodes, wallets and applications. The Blockchain then utilises the smart contracts to ensure everything is where it should be and therefore immutable. Data storage and transfer will utilise existing block-level storage and network protocols.

The Helios Neural Network will fundamentally be able to store and process any indexable data and thus the HNN team have already begun work on their next use case for the automotive industry: HNN Automotive Connect will debut in 2019 and is intended to revolutionize the way data in vehicles is able to used to understand driver behaviour on a big data scale whilst incentivizing drivers to earn HNN tokens by contributing their vehicle data into the network via a simple App and dongle that plugs into any car's OBD II port.

HNN is now accepting applications for partners to test their apps in preparation for the launch of the Helios Health Connect Beta. Details are available here.

With an exciting roadmap on track for a public test launch in December 2018, the future looks bright for HNN. Expect another industry use-case to be announced with partnerships before the end of the year.

HNN is currently in a Pre-ICO and accepting registrations for their waitlist, more information is available on their website.

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