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Helm Breaks Tradeoff Between Bottom Line and Social Impact for Companies' ESG Spend

·4 min read

Seasoned quantitative brand builders create Helmscore to measure direct impact of doing well by doing good; launch with trial partnership with top financial services firm

BOSTON, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Helm, the company that bridges the gap between consumer opinion and ESG brand performance, today launches its first major trial with a top financial services firm and is in discussions with several leading global brands seeking to prove measurable impact of ESG preference on ESG-inspired innovation and growth and equities' performance. Key decision-makers - with an eye on both societal benefit goals and their company's bottom line - can now measure and grow ESG-inspired value and produce higher ESG investment-specific returns, while meeting the needs of executives with an eye on the profit and loss sheets (P&L).

Helm's proprietary methodology pulls from the team's collective decades of experience helping brands uncover and execute on effective strategies that are authentic to them. Helm aggregated ESG activity and source information from more than two dozen companies currently looking at ESG criteria through the lens of risk exposure – such as Nasdaq, Morningstar, S&P Global, and MSCI. The resulting database was cross-referenced and curated to inform a standardized list of more than 200 variables across ESG issues. We then talked to thousands of people and employed advanced data analytics to derive and refine a predictive modeling algorithm to transform the data into actionable insights into the ESG activities that consumers prioritize and the purchase behaviors they drive.

Professional investors can incorporate Helm's ESG intelligence into their valuation frameworks to produce measurable returns. Business executives can leverage Helm's ESG intelligence to plan, act, and message the market in ways that are both authentic and accretive to bottom-line business performance. The result: by measuring positive ESG impact on the P&L Helm is uniquely positioned to help unlock resources that will have a measurable impact on people and the planet. Helm is the partner companies can leverage to meet and exceed evolving consumer expectations, business needs, as well as standards and regulations.

There isn't a single topic in the ESG landscape that hasn't been front and center in consumers' minds and boardroom discussions these past couple of years. Research shows that consumers across all generations say they are willing to spend more for sustainable products. Large majorities of investors today say ESG considerations are central to their investment approach. And Bloomberg estimates that global ESG Assets Under Management (AUM) will surpass $50 trillion in 2025. In addition to consumers and investors, a broad set of constituencies, including employees, suppliers, journalists, and regulators now expect business leaders to move ESG beyond talk, to action. Collectively, these data points speak to near-term demand and long-term duration. ESG is clearly not a passing fad that will eventually go out of fashion.

"Helm is the only company bringing the same level of rigor and analysis to ESG value creation that others bring to risk exposure," said Larry Schack, CEO and founder of Helm. "This isn't only timely, it's time. We're thrilled to deliver our ESG intelligence to such a preeminent partner. We know investment returns are dependent as much on ESG-driven value and alpha creation as they are on risk mitigation. We see Helm as the value-add partner business leaders and professional investors need to realize the full potential of their ESG strategies."

"For too long, ESG brand strategy has been driven through more of a risk-mitigation lens, rather than recognizing its powerful potential for value creation. We recognized that until ESG could prove lift to the bottom line, it wouldn't be given the budgetary or creative resources it deserves," said Jerry Howard, XX of HELM. "Net-net, we answer this multi-million dollar question. Where most companies promising ESG help will get in through data and analytics or research, we aspire to attract the attention of Investor Relations and the C-Suite or business line and product EVPs with a value proposition of bottom-line plus better world."

What Helm Delivers
HELM draws direct correlation from brands' ESG activities that are 85% predictive of consumer opinion and behavior. That accuracy is derived from machine learning-powered predictive modeling also used by Amazon, Google and Microsoft in cloud platform algorithms to surface the most predictive real-world outcomes in the most rigorous and recognized modeling competitions.

The result? HELM gives brand leaders the ability to plan, act and message the market even as it quickly evolves. Financial services professionals are able - for the first time - to rigorously evaluate the true consumer impact of brands' ESG actions based on predictive consumer intelligence.

About HELM
HELM is the creation of longtime analysts, brand marketers, and PhD data scientists who bring the expertise gleaned working with and for Fortune 100 companies (both in-house and as advisors and strategists at organizations like PSB Insights, WPP and more) to bear on how to ensure ESG efforts are effective and ongoing, for the betterment of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Media Contact

Martha Shaughnessy, HELM, 415-987-0285, martha@thekeypr.com