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Help Us Fight Campus Craziness

Katherine Timpf

To me, it seems pretty obvious that socialism is terrible. After all, do you know what’s not terrible? Freedom. But unfortunately, folks at colleges and universities all across the country seem to be favoring extreme government intervention — intervention that would come, of course, at the expense of exactly those freedoms that anyone with a brain knows we should cherish.

So I’m asking you to do your part — by donating to National Review. Just how in the doggone heck are the two connected, you might ask? Well, National Review gives me a platform to expose and ridicule all of the craziness that goes on on campuses every day. Like the Michigan State University student who values our freedom of speech so little that he apparently thought his roommate should not be allowed to watch a Ben Shapiro video. In fact, there are a lot of examples of both students and administrators on college campuses failing to recognize the value of this very important right. Like the president of Santa Monica College, who instructed students to report “hate speech” to the police. Or the administrators at Middlebury College, who apologized to students who were upset that a conservative speaker had been invited, and promised that they would do their best to prevent that from ever happening again. Or the members of a student group at California State University, Chico, who were concerned about their safety because a campus Republican group wanted to talk about gun policy.

Unfortunately, instances that display a lack of understanding of — or even blatant distaste for — our sacred constitutional rights on this country’s college campuses are far, far too numerous to list here. It’s true: There’s not just an example or two, or even a handful. There are a ton, which to me means that there’s a real risk of a complete cultural shift, a shift away from freedom and reality and into government control and bananaland. That’s why I’m determined to do what the great William F. Buckley Jr. would do, and yell “STOP!” — which is why I’m so grateful to be able to do exactly that in my columns for National Review every week.

If you think that this issue is as important as I do, I’d encourage you to donate to National Review. And if you don’t think it’s important? Well, in that case, I’d say you should go hang out with some liberal college kids over in bananaland — and please never come to any of my parties.

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