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Helping Bring Visx to Life: Jonnie R. Williams Sr. Shares Insight Into a New Era of Eye Treatments

·3 min read

SARASOTA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 30, 2020 / As one of the financiers of Visx Laser Eye Surgery stations, Jonnie R. Williams Sr has played a key role in making refractive eye surgeries accessible to ophthalmology patients worldwide. Visx's progressive approach to refractive surgery has facilitated millions of operations using laser and corneal photoablation. With a focus on patients' safety and doctors' comfort and functionality, Visx eye surgery stations are potentially changing the way that refractive eye surgery is done today.

How Jonnie R. Williams Sr Helped Transformed Refractive Eye Surgery

Mr. Williams helped bring the Visx is a cutting-edge eye surgery station to market. The Visx equipment was carefully designed to offer patients and doctors more comfortable and efficient positioning during refractive eye surgery. Moreover, Mr. William's believes that Visx equipment is conducive to a potentially safer surgery experience for patients than traditional surgery systems. In part, this is because some laser refractive eye surgery stations tend to position the patient in a supine, lying on their back facing upwards, for operations. Jonnie R. Williams Sr. is supportive of Visx's modern surgery stations that place the patient in a comfortable, upright seat to deliver what Mr. William's believes is an overall better surgery experience.

A Laser Eye Surgery Station That Puts Patients' Safety First

Performing laser eye surgery while the patient is in a supine position is not inherently problematic until the time comes to perform laser photoablation, immediately after the doctor has removed the patient's epithelium, a thin layer of tissue within the eye. At this point in the laser refractive eye surgery, a patient is more vulnerable to potential injury in the supine position. If the patient remains on their back, the operating eye doctor is in a less convenient position to perform laser photoablation. If he or she needs to acquire an operating table or a reclinable chair, it might result in an extra financial and time burden. For these reasons and more, Jonnie R. Williams Sr. believes that laser refractive surgery stations that orient patients in a supine position may be less favorable for patients' safety and doctors' convenience and comfort, making Visx a more appropriate option.

Jonnie R Williams Sr. Shares Thoughts on Forward-Thinking Inventions for Precise Laser Surgeries

With over 100 patents to his name, Jonnie R. Williams Sr is a leader in innovation who prioritizes patients' well-being through carefully-conceived designs. That experience is why Mr. Williams considers the Visx laser eye surgery station to be a prime example of progress. Since its creation, the Visx laser surgery station has become a possible asset to innumerable ophthalmologists who seek to perform minimal-risk operations that are comfortable for both the patient and doctor. The Visx surgery station's design achieves this goal, with a comfortable head support unit for patients as they sit upright during their laser refractive eye surgery. What is more, the Visx invention positions the patient within a convenient distance from the doctor's operating tools, including but not limited to a microscope and laser beam that facilitates corneal photoablation. These advantages make the Visx laser surgery station a highly useful apparatus and give rise to a series of possibilities for the future of ophthalmology.


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Web Presence, LLC
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SOURCE: Jonnie R. Williams Sr.

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