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Heptagon Turns Spectators into Players in the Game!

ISTANBUL, TURKEY / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2022 / Heptagon breathes new life into the chains of the NFT world with a unique approach. By means of WEB3 dynamics, NFT creators are not only minters in Heptagon but also become part of a completely independent creative approach where they can sell their products in the NFT market they have built with their own created cryptocurrencies. You're not JUST playing games anymore; you're completely in the game!

CryptoLink, Friday, September 30, 2022, Press release picture
CryptoLink, Friday, September 30, 2022, Press release picture

The Heptagon Virtual World Championship experience now turns sports fans from being gamers to being an element in the game.

For instance, Game Fans who love playing Football/Basketball games, from now on, thanks to Heptagon, will become players IN The Game!

Blockchain and WEB3 applications continue to create innovations that will have revolutionary consequences that determine the economic and sociological structure of the future. A decentralized, transparent approach that eliminates the problem of trust seems to have already taken firm steps toward becoming one of the undisputed priorities of the new century.

Blockchain has multi-faceted commercial potential for us. The thing is, Blockchain is far more than just bitcoin or crypto-currencies.

Yes, it is not just about cryptocurrencies. It's also about new technologies powered by Blockchain. If we are talking about decentralized finance today, if we can talk about decentralized applications, we owe it to the silent revolution of Blockchain in our thinking system.

If we become realistic, we are at the beginning of a new era that everyone sees but few speak about. Again, let's admit that while the dynamic of life's flow depends on the economy and the economy depends on money, no one can be expected to remain indifferent for a long time to a structure that proposes to rebuild this whole monetary system.

We couldn't have imagined 10 years ago that we would be able to attend live broadcasts from sports events to concerts, presented with 360° XR cameras in a metaverse area, from your devices at home as if you were in a stadium, now you only have days to reach these opportunities.

Heptagon Metaverse is leading the way in making such a dream come true.

Heptagon Company is building a unique WEB3 experience for users in the Heptagon Metaverse area, which it has developed with its Global partners.

Heptagon Metaverse introduces a unique web3 experience for the users.

Chance to participate in live broadcasts with XR headsets as if you were in the Arena, the opportunity to visit art galleries and stores in the metaverse environment, and to shop... Generating NFTs and trading them on the Heptagon NFT market...

The company invites users will join Heptagon Metaverse with decentralized wallets and encounter a unique metaverse experience by participating in events with their privatized Avatars.

However, what is striking is the fact that the entire system was designed and planned on a decentralized economy.

Heptagon Metaverse creates a Hepta token with unprecedented functionality for users.

Hepta is used for all transactions, such as watching sports events on live broadcast, joining Virtual Championships, minting and trading NFT, buying and selling avatars, purchasing the items of the clubs in the Heptagon Metaverse Stores, and building the stadiums of the teams in that unique world.

Heptagon Metaverse builds its entire economic structure on Hepta, with its technical infrastructure that allows transition to different metaverse areas.

One of the most exciting features is the possibility that Hepta Token can also be converted into a stable income for users. Perhaps for the first time, match or concert tickets will not be torn and thrown away after events but will instead be stored in decentralized wallets to generate revenue.

Because the HeptaStake platform allows users to earn Stake income, that feature does not bring income from the air. Stake income braced by net revenues of the platform.

Live Streaming fees, Nft and Avatar market fees, revenues from rental stores in Heptagon Metaverse, trading platform commissions, and revenues from sponsorship agreements; in other words, all net revenues of Heptagon Metaverse are shared with users.

Exclusive Features of Heptagon Metaverse

In the Stadiums built in the Heptagon Metaverse, sports enthusiasts can watch live broadcasts recorded with 360XR cameras from wherever they want, with XR glasses/helmets, as if they were in the stadium.

In addition, Heptagon Metaverse builds a new Virtual Sports universe where sports fans from all over the world and of all ages can participate in the "Virtual World Championships," which will be held for the first time in the world, with their unique and developable Avatars.

Also, it creates an innovative opportunity for users to mint NFTs, to build their NFT markets where they can sell the NFTs they minted, and to sell the NFTs they minted with the Tokens they'll be able to produce themselves.

With the collaboration of the unique structure of EraChain, which uses the PoW algorithm using an Ethereum Virtual Machine, Heptagon Metaverse builds bridges for users to access Metaverse areas created on different networks and provides its Token by swapping it through contracts which would write for various networks to make it useable on Metaverse areas built in multiple networks.

About Heptagon Ecosystem:

Hepta Token: The Heptagon Ecosystem is built on Hepta Token, produced with a fixed supply of 360 million. Users use Hepta Tokens for all transactions such as Live stream tickets, participation fees for virtual championships, NFT minting and sales, and Avatar improvements.

Hepta is the key to all of the ecosystem.

Live broadcast revenues, Advertising revenues, Sponsorship agreements revenues, NFT & AVATAR market transaction fees, Virtual championship participation fees, and Virtual store shopping transaction commissions are the basic income of the ecosystem.

Hepta Token, the most important player in this excellent Metaverse Ecosystem, is currently at the beginning of the ICO process, and the first ICO price of Hepta, which features an absolute utility token with a total and fixed supply of 360 million, is $0.15.Blockchain is no longer just a new way of understanding; it is now a part of our lives with its products. And the gain is always where it should be, in innovations.

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