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Herbalife says survey indicates 7.9M customers in U.S.

Herbalife last night released the results of a study conducted to determine the penetration of Herbalife distributors and end users in the U.S. Herbalife engaged Nielsen, to conduct the research. Conducted online during April and May, the survey was completed without intervention from Herbalife and the company’s sponsorship was not disclosed, it added. With a sample size of 10,525 consumers, the survey had a margin of error of +/- 0.96%. According to the research, 3.3% of the general population reported that they had purchased Herbalife products within the past three months, indicating that Herbalife currently has approximately 7.9M customers when projected to the total U.S. adult population. Herbalife customers would include their distributor network, which totaled approximately 550,000 in the U.S. as of the end of Q1. "“This survey, conducted by one of the world’s most respected research organizations, confirms what we at Herbalife already know to be true: that Herbalife’s products have a broad consumer base here in the U.S. – nearly 8 million in the last three months – and that the majority of individuals that purchase Herbalife products do so for personal consumption," the company said.