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Here’s how you can play Street Fighter V’s newest character Ed in the CFN beta tomorrow

Ed as seen in Street Fighter V (Capcom)

Street Fighter V’s Capcom Fighters Network beta test begins tomorrow, but if you want to get a head start, you can download the beta client for PlayStation 4 right now.

This the second CFN beta test and is the result of a delay in rolling out an update for CFN. According to a previous blog post, Capcom felt it needed more time to collect data and polish the new update.

The beta client is available for download on the PlayStation Store but not on Steam. However, it does not go live until 6PM PT on Thursday, May 11. It runs through 6PM PT on Sunday, May 14. You do not need to own a copy of Street Fighter V to participate in the beta.

Street Fighter V’s newest DLC character Ed, who was revealed earlier this week, will be playable along with every other character in the game. The beta will also include the balance changes coming in a separate patch sometime this year.

Capcom is expected to implement faster load times between matches, increased player statistics functionality, and a better rage quit system to punish frequent disconnectors in the CFN update. You can read more about that in our detailed breakdown.

Yahoo Esports spoke with Capcom recently to talk about its approach to Street Fighter V Season 2 development. In the new balance patch, Dragon Punch special moves will regain some limited invincibility and characters will receive buffs or nerfs such as Balrog’s health being lowered or FANG’s attacks being sped up to bring him in line with the rest of the cast. You can read more about the second Season 2 balance patch.

In related Street Fighter V news, the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 DLC has been revealed and is available for purchase now. A portion of the sales goes towards Capcom Cup 2017’s prize pool. Last year, over $90,000 was added to Capcom Cup’s prize pool via CPT DLC purchases.

Michael Martin covers SFV and the FGC. Follow him on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike.