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Here's The Latest On The Nor'easter Winter Storm That's Expected To Hit The East Coast This Week

Kim Bhasin

Reports have been coming in over the past few days about a Nor'easter winter storm that has the East Coast in its sights as the region recovers from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

Here's the latest on New York City, from NY1:

  • NYC will likely be hit by a "moderately strong" Nor'easter from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday night.
  • It will not be "nearly as strong or devastating" as superstorm Sandy
  • Winds will be "moderate" with gusts up to 50 mph
  • There will be a lot of rain — two to four inches in the boroughs
  • Damage should be minimal, but some minor flooding is expected in the Rockaways and on some highways

The storm does not have a tropical component like Sandy. Temperatures in the region may drop into the 20s,  according to the National Weather Service.

From Eric Berger at Chron's SciGuy blog:

This has the appearances of a being a classic Nor’easter storm, and it will have significant effects from New Jersey northward.

This is probably the kind of storm where rain falls below a certain elevation and at heights of, say, 1,000 feet or higher there will be snowfall.

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