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Here’s when Overwatch competitive Season 4 ends, Season 5 starts

Overwatch Season 5 starts “around the first of June.” (Blizzard)

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has revealed the end date for the game’s current season, Season 4, and the start date for Season 5.

He confirmed the information in a forum post on Battle.net in response to a player’s query.

According Kaplan, Season 4 will finish at “the end of May.” This aligns with the active duration of previous seasons, which have been around three months in length.

Kaplan also confirmed that Overwatch competitive Season 5 will start “around the first of June.”  

The start of a new season usually brings with it new features. Last time, the launch of Season 4 brought changes to how ranks decayed. Players who have more than 3,000 points must play at least seven matches a week to prevent their points from dropping. Blizzard also changed the climb from 4,500 to 4,000, making it much more difficult to go up. It also made it much more difficult to drop from 500 to 0, and skill ratings below 500 are no longer displayed.

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