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Here's Why 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Think Meredith & Deluca Are About To Break Up

Nicole Pomarico
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From Cosmopolitan

Meredith Grey has been through a lot this season on Grey’s Anatomy, and through it all, DeLuca has been her rock — but that might all be about to change. On Thursday night’s episode, Meredith’s inadvertent exposé on what she thinks is wrong with hospitals (particularly Grey Sloan Memorial, if the clickbait title of the article is to be believed) blew up in her face, and now, it could end up costing her the strongest relationship she’s had since Derek died. UGH.

Although most of the episode was about Meredith (and Bailey) dealing with that fallout, in the end, it became clear that Deluca wasn’t thrilled about it either. Not only was he mad about the article itself, but he also couldn’t believe that Meredith walked off her community service, risking going to prison and leaving her kids without a mother again.

Now, it seems like fans are freaking out that Meredith and Deluca are headed for a split. After the ep aired, they took to Twitter to share their thoughts, and there’s a lot of concern that Meredith’s first real love after Derek is about to come to an end — and some fans think this might be for the best.

Yes, her actions lately have been super impulsive, and Deluca’s over it. But such is life while dating Meredith Grey, though. None of this is out of character for her. She’s routinely put her patients before herself (hi, insurance fraud) and when she saw an opportunity to help the underserved community she met while doing her community service, she took it. It totally backfired, but she thought she was doing something good — just like that time she tampered with the clinical trial to make sure Adele got the alzheimer’s drug and pissed everyone off.

If Deluca’s not okay with Meredith’s risk taking behavior, he’s definitely dating the wrong person, and they should probably end things now. But he has a point too — he put himself and his actual freedom on the line for her so she could be there for her kids, and she continues to do things that could make his sacrifice pointless.

Then, there’s also what Mer said about Deluca in the promo for next week’s ep: “He’s sexy, and he’s fun. I don’t know if he’ll ever be more than that.”

If a dude goes to prison for you, that sounds like a pretty serious relationship. Does she really think this is just for sexy fun? Maybe these two aren’t looking for the same thing, after all.

Photo credit: ABC

Only Shonda Rhimes and Krista Vernoff know what’s next for this couple, but at this point, it ain’t looking good.

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