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Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks to Conduct Sealed-Bid Auction Of 45 Patents of Inventor Holdings, LLC, a Subsidiary of Walker Innovation Inc. - Bid Submission Deadline: June 12, 2019

45 Patents Consisting of Varied Technology Categories: Banking, Digital, Gaming, Healthcare, Imaging, Lottery, Sales, Security, TV, Vending, and Workforce

SAN DIEGO, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Walker Innovation Inc. is offering patents for sale in this auction from the portfolio of its subsidiary, Inventor Holdings, LLC.  Walker Innovation was formerly a NASDAQ OTCQB publicly traded company that sought to develop and commercialize its unique portfolio of intellectual property assets through its licensing and enforcement operations. Walker Innovation is the subject of a Plan of Complete Liquidation and Dissolution effective September 20, 2018.  http://walkerinnovation.com/ 

Jay Walker, one of America's best-known inventors and entrepreneurs, served as Executive Chairman of Walker Innovation until September 2018. He is perhaps best known as the Founder of Priceline.com, a multi-billion dollar company with tens of millions of active customers that brought a new level of value to the travel industry. Walker has invented hundreds of solutions for a wide variety of business problems, specializing in creating innovative applications that work with large-scale networks such as cell phones and the internet. Jay Walker is the named inventor on more than 750 issued patents and applications, including almost all of those offered for auction, making him one of the most prolific living individual inventors. He also serves on the Presidents' Circle for the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Said Ross Dove, CEO of Heritage Global, "We are honored to bring to market some of the patents of Jay Walker - one of the world's great inventors.  His accomplishments speak for themselves and these patents represent a great opportunity to acquire a portion of the technological brilliance that are a product of his inventing genius."

Jonathan Siegel, CEO Walker Innovation, "We are thrilled to make available to buyers an opportunity to commercialize the value inherent in these 45 patents of Inventor Holdings. These patents are relevant to a wide range of businesses and present an opportunity to capitalize on the creative and inventive work of Jay Walker."

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