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Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks to Conduct Sealed-Bid Auction of WiseWear Corp. "Smart Jewelry" / "Internet of Things" Patent Portfolio and Trademarks

By Order of US Bankruptcy Court Case # 18-50403 - Chapter 11 Western District of Texas

Bid Submission Deadline - May 22, 2018

SAN DIEGO, April 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks has been appointed by the US Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Texas to auction the Intellectual Property of WiseWear Corp.  The Intellectual Property consists of WiseWear's "Smart Jewelry / "Internet of Things" Patent Portfolio and associated Trademarks.  The Intellectual Property will be sold as one auction lot to the highest bidder, subject to Bankruptcy Court confirmation.

WiseWear is a cutting-edge "Internet of Things" (IoT) company.  "The Internet of Things" is defined as: "the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data."

WiseWear specializes in the design, creation, and manufacturing of smart, connected, and aesthetically-appealing "Internet of Things" (IoT) products for consumer, military, and medical applications.  WiseWear's vision in developing its patents has been to make "technology invisible" and achieves this by seamlessly integrating its proprietary biosensing and wireless communication technologies into everyday items.

The "Smart Jewelry" that was produced using WiseWear's patented technology incorporated three functions:

  • Safety Device - If the wearer felt they were in an unsafe situation or needed emergency medical help they could tap the bracelet and an alert would be sent with the wearer's GPS location
  • Monitoring Wellness – Counting steps, etc.
  • Notification Functions – Bracelet gently vibrates when receiving a call from someone on your designated "VIP List".

Ross Dove, CEO of Heritage Global, remarked, "WiseWear's technology is a perfect illustration of the "Internet of Things" and how it seamlessly integrates such items as jewelry with the internet, and does so in a manner that is beneficial to the health, wellness and safety of the wearer.  This constitutes an extraordinary application of technology at the intersection of jewelry, health, consumer electronics and the internet."

WiseWear Founder and CEO Gerald Wilmink stated, "WiseWear's proprietary technology allows transmission of radio frequency waves such as Blue-Tooth and Wi-Fi through metal materials at distance.  This innovation meant metal objects could be made "Smart", and therefore allowed the creation of aesthetically appealing "Smart Jewelry" devoid of the requirement of plastic materials or screens."

WiseWear Patent and Trademark Info – Internet of Things Market Info

WiseWear Patent Portfolio Report

WiseWear Granted Patent and Patent Application Spreadsheet

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