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Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks to Conduct Sealed-Bid Auction of Skin Care Patents and Trademarks of Cosmederm Bioscience Inc.

By Order of US Bankruptcy Court, Chapter 7, Case #17-06513

Richard Kipperman - Trustee

Bid Submission Deadline - June 8, 2018

SAN DIEGO, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks has been appointed by the US Bankruptcy Court to auction the Intellectual Property of Cosmederm Bioscience Inc.  The Intellectual Property consists of Cosmederm's worldwide Skin Care patent and trademark portfolio.  The portfolio will be sold as one auction lot to the highest bidder, subject to Bankruptcy Court confirmation.

Cosmederm Bioscience was a specialty pharmaceutical company that manufactured and marketed pharmaceuticals in the cosmeceutical and OTC drug categories.  During its corporate existence it offered topical dermatological skin creams and products under the Cosmederm and Refinity brand names.  The company was founded in 1999 and based in San Diego, CA and was a subsidiary of Evofem, Inc.

Cosmeceuticals are considered a hybrid of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and are skin care products containing biologically active compounds thought to have a pharmaceutical effect on the skin.

Ross Dove, CEO of Heritage Global stated, "The huge global demand for natural skin care products is evidence that consumers are seeking skin care products without synthetic chemicals and the Cosmederm Bioscience patents and trademarks should help provide entry into that global marketplace."

"This is an exceptional opportunity to add to existing Cosmeceutical patent portfolios or to jump-start entry into this sector.  The buyer of this portfolio will be bypassing the time and money required for R&D, as well as the time and money required for the patent process itself," added Doug Berman, Director of Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks.

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Doug Berman, Director
Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks



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