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Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks to Conduct Sealed-Bid Auction of FlexCut Surgical Shaver Patent # US 9,474,541 B2 on Behalf of The Beta Group

Unique FlexCut Surgical Shaver Optimizes Bone and Tissue Resection Efficiency in Arthroscopic Procedures

Bid Submission Deadline: September 12, 2019

SAN DIEGO, July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The FlexCut Surgical Shaver is an innovative solution enhancing the performance of surgical shaver blades, burrs, cutters and microdebriders.

The primary objective of a resection device is the precise removal of damaged bone and tissue while preserving healthy segments intact. Rigid resection devices have historically predominated the market – the unique FlexCut technology optimizes resection efficiency by introducing flexibility into the device – thus enabling the blade to respond naturally along irregular and contoured surfaces.  The inner cutting shaft and outer sheath "flex" in accordance with the patient's anatomy.

  • Provides optimum surface contact
  • Provides surgeon with tactile feedback and enhanced control
  • Prevents over-resection minimizing inadvertent damage to nearby bone and tissue
  • Increases efficiency resulting in reduced Operating Room time and costs

With over 6 million arthroscopies performed annually the market potential of this patent is enormous, and the buyer of this patent will gain unique entrée into this lucrative and fast-growing market segment.

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