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Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks to Conduct Sealed-Bid Auction of "Smart" Garage Alarm Sensor Patent

Excellent Opportunity to Acquire Important Home Protection Technology

Deadline for Bid Submission: January 21, 2020

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Buyer of this patent will control the technology underlying the "Smart" Garage Alarm Sensor.  What makes this technology "Smart" is the technology's ability to differentiate between the opening of the garage door by an authorized user vs the opening of the door by intruders – this enables the system to always be in a fully-armed state and provide maximum security and protection to the homeowner.

The "Smart" Garage Alarm Sensor will not activate the alarm if the gate is opened by the residents using a garage opener (wall button, remote control, pin pad, etc.), but it will immediately activate an alarm when the gate is forced open without the use of the gate opener by an intruder. The "Smart" Garage Alarm Sensor allows the alarm to be in an "always-armed" mode to protect the residents when they are at home.

The "Smart" Garage Alarm Sensor technology provides a much-needed home security solution designed to work with a number of garage openers and activators.  The siren can be programmed to activate the moment the garage door or gate is forced open by an intruder, increasing the deterrent factor of the alarm siren. The alarm system includes a powered entrance barrier position sensor, and a detector circuit coupled with a powered entrance barrier opener power supply.

Who would be most interested in acquiring this patent?

  • Alarm and Security Companies
  • Alarm System and Sensor Manufacturers
  • Garage Door Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers
  • Independent Entrepreneurs who see the possibilities inherent to the owner of this patent.
  • Entrepreneurs and Patent Professionals whose independent Due Diligence might lead them to believe this patent is presently being infringed upon.

According to "Smart" Garage Alarm Sensor Inventor Bart Mika, "The garage is the most vulnerable point of intrusion into the home.  Most garages have no security system, but those that do can be very cumbersome for the homeowner to arm and are therefore prone to false alarm.  The "Smart" Garage Alarm Sensor patent succeeds where other alarm sensors have come up short by providing user-friendly convenience to arm and protect the last remaining unprotected area of the home."

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