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He's Baaaack: Netflix Picks Up 'House of Cards' for a Third Season

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Season 2 of House of Cards won’t be available for streaming until Valentine’s Day this year, but that hasn’t stopped Netflix from ordering a third season of its successful political drama. The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood-reporting that the addictive D.C. drama has been renewed for Season 3. 

This news would have normally not been surprising for such a hot property, but there had been rumormongering and speculation that the show would only do two seasons. Back in October, executive producer Rick Cleveland said that “‘House of Cards’ is only going to go a second season and I think that’s it.” The show was originally a two-season commitment. Later that month, however, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos told an audience that the studio’s “intent is that the show keep going for sure.” At the end of last month, when interviewed by the Wall Street Journal's Rachel Dodes, star Kevin Spacey punted on the question of a third season. As for whether it was something he’d “want to do,” he said: “we’ll see.” 

Now it seems that the political machinations and monologues will continue, thank goodness. In the meantime, you can watch the first season of “House of Cards” with your Netflix streaming subscription right here

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