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CORRECTING and REPLACING HeyMama Raises $2 Million to Increase Support for Working Mothers

The fastest-growing membership community of mothers in business builds on its promise to support women in the workplace by expanding to new markets, increasing its capacity, and its programs for supporting and connecting members

In the release dated January 31, 2020, the URL in the HeyMama boilerplate should read: http://heymama.co.

The corrected release reads:


The fastest-growing membership community of mothers in business builds on its promise to support women in the workplace by expanding to new markets, increasing its capacity, and its programs for supporting and connecting members

HeyMama, a social and professional network of working mothers co-founded by Katya Libin and Amri Kibbler, successfully raised $2 million in seed funding to increase their capacity to support women in the workplace.

"More than 70 percent of American mothers with children under 18 work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And while mothers have worked all throughout human history, the structure of the nuclear family, pressure, and pace of modern life introduces new challenges," said HeyMama co-founder, Katya Libin. "Parenting isn’t meant to be a solo sport and HeyMama is the village and support system that mothers need to be effective as they balance the demands of their lives and propel mothers forward in both their family life and their careers. We’ll continue to listen to the needs of our community and expand the ways in which we help working mothers thrive."

A majority of women with young children are in the labor force and most children who grow up in the United States in the 21st century will be raised in households in which all of the adults work. In fact, 41 percent of mothers were the sole or primary breadwinners for their families, earning at least half of their total household income, according to the Center for American Progress. HeyMama is living proof of the need for a system for women to be supported by their peers, with 85% of its membership being built organically through word-of-mouth referrals from current members.

With this round of funding, HeyMama plans to further its promise to support working mothers in all facets of their lives by advancing the technology platform available to members, increasing their membership capacity, and adding strategic senior leadership to the company. Collectively these efforts will maximize the opportunity for their membership community to get matched, connected, and supported in more ways than ever. The funding will also drive expansion to new cities with a goal of doubling their national presence in the next two years.

This investment round was led by women who are passionate members of the HeyMama community, dedicated to helping the organization expand to support more mothers. These members-turned-investors include Rebecca Minkoff, Kori Estrada, Kathryn Moos, Janna Meyrowitz Tuner, Divya Gugnani, Alison Wyatt, Sari Azout, Kymberly Marciano, and Karen Cahn. The round also included men like Keith Billing who recognize the value in investing in women in the workplace.

"Katya, Amri, and the HeyMama team have recognized the massive opportunity that exists in connecting and supporting mothers in the workplace," said Rebecca Minkoff. "I'm investing in HeyMama because I believe in their long-term vision. In just five years, they've already cultivated a membership of thousands of women, who I connect with weekly for support in both my personal and professional life."

"As a fairly new mother, HeyMama has been an invaluable resource to find and connect with other like-minded, driven women," said Kori Estrada, Co-CIO of Axon Capital. "When I saw in our own HeyMama member forum that they were raising funds, I jumped on the opportunity to invest in the advancement of working moms who I know, like me, are passionate about managing the balance and cheering for each other along the way."

About HeyMama:

HeyMama is the fastest growing and largest network of working moms designed to propel high-achieving women forward by providing community, advice and mentorship. The application-based global membership community connects career-driven mothers across industries so they can be more successful. Through access to an intuitive member database, group messaging, events, and original inspiring content, members are able to find the resources and people they need to thrive. Plus, members receive perks like discounts to brands that match their lifestyle. In 2019, HeyMama grew its network to 2100 members with 11 official chapters, held 171 events, and connected 4,751 women. Learn more about how the organization is helping motherhood and career work better together at http://heymama.co.

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