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HFactor Announces Expanded Retail Distribution


Innovative and award-winning hydrogen-infused water, HFactor, announced today that their flagship beverage will soon be available in all GIANT Food Stores across the United States. HFactor is the first functional water supercharged with hydrogen launched in the United States. Over 600 international studies documented in science and medical journals report that molecular hydrogen, HFactor’s core active ingredient is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent and provide therapeutic health and wellness benefits, along with enhanced fitness performance and recovery. HFactor’s water is sourced and packaged in the United States and comes in a specially-designed, award-winning pouch that preserves the integrity of its contents and prevents the hydrogen escaping.

“We could not be more excited to announce that GIANT will be our first large-scale grocery partnership,” said HFactor Founder & CEO Gail Levy. “Distributing our water through GIANT Food Stores is a superlative example of HFactor fulfilling its promise as a prestige product, designed for mainstream distribution.”

GIANT will be the first major retailer in the United States to feature HFactor’s patent-pending Hydro-Pack with a hydrogen-sealing spout. The successful development of a spout with the ability to retain molecular hydrogen is a transformative achievement, as the molecule has a propensity to escape through common plastics and metals. In addition to the spout, GIANT will be the first to sell HFactor in its all-new 12 pack, specifically configured to fit in refrigerators and designed to allow customers to buy their supply a week at a time.

About HFactor:

Founded in 2013, HFactor is the first functional water supercharged with the documented benefits of hydrogen – a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Created by a team of health and fitness product experts, HFactor is naturally infused with hydrogen to provide refreshing hydration plus therapeutic benefits for fitness, health and lifestyle recovery and wellness. It comes in a carry-anywhere pouch that optimizes the integrity and pureness of its hydrogen content, which is created without additional chemicals or magnesium. HFactor’s water is sourced and packaged in the United States, and is available online and in select stores nationwide. www.hfactorwater.com

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