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Hibernating Long Enough? It's Time To Get Out Hiking And Get Some Fresh Mountain Air Into Your Lungs

While the current pandemic may persist, the wilderness is beckoning for long hikes. First Aid Global releases the "Trek Kit" to accompany hikers to prevent and treat foot blisters.

TARZANA, Calif., June 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The wilderness is beckoning us back for long nature walks and overnight sleeps under the stars. But this summer your feet won't have to suffer the abuse of those new hiking shoes you've purchased and failed to break in.

First Aid Global LLC and their Vitonus brand foot care products announces their newest line of first aid products, the "Heal2Toe" Trek Kit for treating foot blisters. With 44 assorted Moleskin self-adhering patches, large patch fabric bandages, nail file, antibiotic ointment, alcohol swabs and splinter-out lancet, you'll be prepared with the tools needed to manage a painful blister on your toe or heel and continue your off-road trek more easily. More importantly, the kit comes with instructions on how to 'prevent' a blister in the first place.

The Trek Kit weighs in at about an ounce and comes in a waterproof packet so you can slip it into your pack and forget about it until you feel that rubbing, pinching shoe bite. So don't be caught out in the boons without a good first aid kit for your feet, the Heal2Toe Trek Kit for foot blisters, available now at firstaidglobal.com.

SOURCE First Aid Global LLC