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Hidden Valley Just Released A Mini-Keg For Your Ranch Dressing

Carly Ledbetter

Hidden Valley Ranch is now offering holiday swag for all the obsessive ranch fans in your life. 

The salad dressing company released its line of hilarious, ranch-themed gifts on Tuesday. There’s something for everyone ― and every budget ― in the collection. It has everything from tacky sweaters and goofy socks to amini kegthat holds a year’s supply of ranch (five liters of dressing). 

Of the 30 items offered, the cheapest product (aHidden Valley Ranch flavor wheel) is only $3, while the most expensive offering (aHidden Valley holiday Ranch fountain with skirt) will set you back $110. It is worth it? Definitely. 

Take a look at some of our favorite products below: 

Mini ranch keg

Buy the mini ranch keg for $50

Ranch statement socks

Buy the ranch statement socks for $12

Hidden Valley 'Not Your Ugly Christmas' sweater

Buy the Hidden Valley "Not Your Ugly Christmas" sweater for $40

Holiday ranch fountain with skirt

Hidden Valley 'BFF' tee

Buy the Hidden Valley 'BFF' tee for $30

Hidden Valley slippers

Buy the Hidden Valley slippers for $25

Hidden Valley bedazzled ornament

'Peace, Love, Ranch' baby onesie

Hidden Valley vintage logo cap

Hidden Valley bottle coozie

And remember, ranch dressing goes with EVERYTHING. 


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