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High-Performance Benefits Group Health Rosetta Headlines Wake-Up Call Event in Phoenix

The Wake-Up Call Roadshow illuminates root causes of national opioid epidemic, provides viable solutions

PHOENIX, May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Health Rosetta will host its upcoming Phoenix Wake-Up Call on Wednesday, May 29 at the Arizona Country Club in Phoenix. The summit is part of Health Rosetta's national Wake-up Call Roadshow, a nationwide tour bringing together local employers, healthcare experts, and civic leaders in an effort to discuss the systemic causes, catastrophic effects and proven solutions for tackling the national opioid epidemic as a microcosm of the larger dysfunction found in our current U.S. healthcare system. Attendees will learn there is one silver lining to the disastrous opioid epidemic. That is, the communities and employers who have successfully tackled the opioid issue at a systemic level go a long ways towards solving the even larger healthcare dysfunction.

"The Phoenix Wake-Up Call" event puts experts in multiple industries in contact with our innovative and forward-thinking advisors here at Health Rosetta," said Dave Chase, co-founder of Health Rosetta and author of The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call. "Our roadshow is part of our mission to unite business and healthcare pioneers committed to navigating the storm of the opioid epidemic and championing battle-tested solutions to fundamental issues with healthcare. Unfortunately, the media and government have oversimplified the opioid crisis failing to recognize the systemic nature. As an example, benzos (i.e., the category of drugs that Xanax and Valium fall under) are repeating the opioid debacle roughly 10 years behind the same progression."

Seven out of 10 employers indicate that their workplaces suffer from the catastrophic effects of prescription drug abuse, with businesses around the country reporting increasing rates of drug-related absenteeism, accidents and overdoses. In 2017, Governor Doug Ducey declared a public health emergency in the face of the crisis, and at the end of last year there was no indication that the number of deaths linked to opioids was diminishing from two per day.

"We know the solutions for the opioid epidemic, which is just one outgrowth of broader systemic dysfunction in how we deliver and pay for healthcare in this country," Chase said. "We organized this roadshow to spread the word about those solutions. We want to empower other local leaders to take up the charge, and this stop in Phoenix is a critical step in that march toward change."

The Phoenix Wake-Up Call includes in-depth discussions that build on proven strategies to arrest the epidemic and correct the glaring issues taking place in our current underperforming health care system. Speakers include Sheriff Paul Penzone, Fortune's #13 World's Greatest Leader's Marilyn Bartlett, and Health Rosetta Co-Founder Dave Chase. The Wake-Up Call is hosted by Wincline, Inc. and sponsored by leaders throughout the medical, health benefits and business world, including stop loss carrier, OneBeacon, value-based direct primary care organization, Redirect Health, and direct care solutions pioneer, 6 Degrees Health, amongst others.

About the Health Rosetta: The Health Rosetta is an open-source ecosystem of transparent healthcare advisors, services, vendors and strategies all meant to reduce an employer's total healthcare spend while improving outcomes. Its team is comprised of benefits advisors who look at health care differently. Working with employers, they adapt a strategy that allows total transparency in a health plan, so employers can see exactly where their money goes. Learn more at http://www.healthrosetta.org.

About Redirect Health: Redirect Health is a Scottsdale-based direct care provider -- the result of over 20 years of innovative work in healthcare with a focus on putting people, and the businesses that employ them, first. Dr. David Berg, Dr. Janice Johnston and Paul Johnson started Redirect Health with one goal -- delivering the best care to the most people in the most efficient way. Simply removing unnecessary administration and waste and streamlining care created a huge positive change that has allowed the firm to grow exponentially and now offer services across the country. By pushing back on the traditional healthcare system, Redirect has put the focus back on people and away from billing codes, unnecessary copays and expensive care.