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High school sprinter accepts New Orleans Saints star’s $10K race challenge

Kathleen Joyce

A Texas high school sprinting star has taken on New Orleans Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn’s $10,000 racing challenge.

Matthew Boling, 18, of Strake Jesuit College Prep in Houston, made headlines last month after breaking 10 seconds on the 100-meter race. However, the sprinter seemed to be confident to take on one of the NFL’s fastest players.

Ginn told Bleacher Report’s the Lefkoe Show that he was willing to race anyone for “$10,000 or better.”

Boling, whose fast running earned him the nickname “White Lightning,” appeared to accept Ginn’s challenge in a tweet.


“Bet,” Boling wrote.

Ginn, 34, was also a high school track star and ran the 200 meters in 21.16 seconds, according to Bleacher Report. He told the outlet that he missed qualifying for the Olympics by just one second.

Meanwhile, Boling has committed to the University of Georgia for college. The New York Post reported he will be training for the Olympics.

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