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High-Tech Tracking Devices You Could Soon Be Wearing

John Grgurich

This year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlighted a number of tech trends: TVs are going to be curved, the Internet is going to be in everything and you’ll soon be festooned with all sorts of tracking devices. Yes, 2014 is being billed as the year that wearable technology — that is, gadgetry that attaches to your person and captures or delivers an array of data — really takes off. Tech companies showed off tracking devices that can be worn as glasses or go on your wrist, your chest, your kid’s shoes or even, inevitably, your dog’s collar.

The market for such products is very new, and hence very uncertain, but the acquisitive nature of our consumption-based economy — and increasingly data-driven society — almost ensures that wearable tech is going to take off sooner or later. Plus, people really seem to love new gadgets. Click here for a look at some of the wearable tech that made news at CES.

Slideshow: 8 High-Tech Tracking Devices You Could Soon Be Wearing

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