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HighSide Reveals New Solution and Insights on High-Integrity Digital Collaboration at RSAC 2020

HighSide Email Security completes 360 degree set of zero-trust solutions for government and private sector organizations; President and CSO Aaron Turner to address attendees on alarming mobile device vulnerabilities and live demo the ease of hacking MFA

SAN FRANCISCO and ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE, Luxembourg, Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- High-integrity security and mobile-first collaboration leader HighSide, fresh from its First Place win at the Luxembourg Startup World Cup, is announcing a new cybersecurity solution and addressing RSAC 2020 this week. 

HighSide Email Security is an innovative and easy to deploy solution that addresses one of the most vulnerable points of attack that organizations face today. 

  • HighSide Email Security can be deployed in minutes and uses multiple sandboxes and a proprietary seven layer SMTP analysis to check sender identity in real time and flag, strip or block malicious content as needed.
  • HighSide's solution works with all email platforms and helps eliminate the most prevalent attack vector used by hackers and nation-state actors, enabling government and private sector organizations much-needed protection from data breaches, ransomware and the theft of intellectual property.
  • HighSide's Email Security is designed to help enterprise users avoid common digital communications mistakes and oversights which can lead to significant risks to enterprise information, actively instructing users how and when to use HighSide's ultra-secure messaging platform to communicate with internal enterprise colleagues or external business partners.

"HighSide Email Security joins our two flagship solutions, Ultra-Secure Collaboration and Distributed Identity Services, to provide organizations with unmatched 360 degree protection from the way they are actually being targeted," said Brendan Diaz, CEO of HighSide. "Statistically 9 of every 10 breaches start with phishing and spoofing; our email security product requires no training and offers automatic protection everywhere you use email as a first layer of defense. Our Distributed Identity solution protects an organization's people, apps and data even if a user's password is compromised, and our Ultra-Secure Collaboration platform is a safe haven for an organization's most sensitive communications and files, immune to ransomware, phishing and mass data breaches. We look forward to demonstrating this unique 360 degree approach at RSAC this week."

With HighSide's zero-trust platform, organizations create high-integrity digital identities to share information through a unified communications app on any device, which Slack and Teams don't deliver, plus built-in identity authentication and authorization controls that the likes of Okta, Cisco Duo and Microsoft Authenticator can't offer due to their architecture constraints.  The result reduces business risks associated with cyberattacks including data breaches, reputational damages, customer attrition, financial loss, theft of data and IP, compliance and regulatory fines and more.

See a live MFA hack at RSAC 2020.  Aaron Turner, President and CSO of HighSide, will be addressing RSAC attendees at a provocative session on Wednesday, February 26 at 9:20 a.m. Pacific time with Georgia Weidman, CEO of Shevirah.  Mobile MFA Madness: Mobile Device Hygiene and MFA Integrity Challenges will feature a live demonstration of how easy it is to compromise mobile authenticator apps.  Turner, one of RSA's highest-rated speakers, was named one of the five most-influential cybersecurity executives of the last 30 years during last year's conference.

HighSide named Startup World Cup 2020 Finalist.  Highside was the winner of Luxembourg's Regional Final of Startup World Cup 2020 on February 6, and will compete for the Startup World Cup Grand Finale from May 20 to 22 in San Francisco, CA.  Even though HighSide is a startup, hundreds of thousands of employees across enterprises and government agencies of all types, sizes and locations around the world already use its solutions every day.

About HighSide

HighSide is the unified communications email, messaging and file sharing platform that looks and functions like the tools employees want to use, with the security and compliance required by C-suites and regulators. HighSide's zero-trust platform and location-and-time-based encryption technology gives teams access to a modern unified communications and file sharing platform including voice, video, text and files, reducing risk of shadow IT and reliance on dated and insecure communications channels. The company has offices in Bethesda, MD, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg and New York, NY. HighSide's EU headquarters are part of the Technoport® ltd.  business incubation program, in partnership with the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade.

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