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Flag Capture

ARRRRR! Hoist the colors, me hearties! We be huntin’ flags and diggin’ up treasure! Pillage and plunder! Sail the seven seas! ARRRRRR! Pirates!

Hilariously Deceptive Atari 2600 Box Art

The Atari 2600 remains a beloved video game system. Countless old-school geeks grew up entranced by its sturdy joystick, faux-wood paneling, and of course, wealth of legendary games.

But we were also suckered into buying tons of cartridges that came nowhere close to matching the insane art adorning the cover of the game box. Smart salesmanship? Sly marketing? Blatant lying? Call it what you will, but we call it hilarious. Here are some of our favorite pieces of questionable Atari box art.