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This Is Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Trump Meme

Madison Malone Kircher

Taking a break from roaming the woods of upstate New York, Hillary Clinton spoke at the Women in the World summit on Thursday. In a lengthy conversation with Nick Kristof from the New York Times, Clinton, a very chill woman who was almost president, managed to wedge in some prime meme commentary while discussing Trump’s first 100 days in office. “My favorite GIF on the internet was showing the dogs sitting around the table, and the caption was, ‘now we will discuss feline health,’” Clinton said, referencing the infamous image of a room full of white, male politicians deciding what to do with women’s health care.

Hillary likely meant to say meme instead of GIF, since the dog tweet is purely a static image. Still, kudos to Clinton for a nice topical internet reference, and further kudos to whoever on her team keeps telling Clinton to talk about GIFs during public appearances. The “hello, fellow kids” thing is totally working.

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