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Hillary Clinton Is Now On LinkedIn (She’s Job-Hunting)

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

Hillary Clinton, you may have heard, is interviewing for a new job. 

And so, like any good job applicant, she has created a profile on LinkedIn so that you can better get to know her employment history, as well as her qualities and traits as a potential employee. 

Hillary has been busy building out her presences on various social media platforms that are attractive in key voting demographics: Twitter, Facebook, and the like. Her opponents have been busy, too: Rand Paul has become something of a Snapchat star, and Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and (very serious presumptive candidate) Donald Trump all have very active Twitter accounts. 

You can view Hillary’s LinkedIn profile on the site. And, no, LinkedIn connection Barack Obama has yet to endorse her for “Being President.”

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