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#HIMSS17: The Health IT Renaissance

Jonathan Bush

Originally published by Jonathan Bush on LinkedIn: #HIMSS17: The Health IT Renaissance

I like to think that if Baz Luhrmann directed a musical about the New York City Boat Show extravaganza taking center stage at the Catalina Wine Mixer, that musical would look a lot like HIMSS. What else can you expect? When all of the greatest minds in health IT come together in one city, it’s going to be exciting, vibrant, and just a little bit crazy. And, just like any Luhrmann, it’s going to have some killer song and dance.

HIMSS, probably the largest health IT conferences in the world, is only a few days away, and while I’m excited for its pageantry and enormous sea of people and products, I’m even more excited to tune into the small, meaningful conversations happening from booth to booth (and beyond the conference floor). I’ve been to more HIMSS conferences than I can count, and with each one, I’ve grown more affection for the fellowship between the people there, the undercurrent of desire to truly make this the beginning of something relevant.

On the time graph of the healthcare industry, HIMSS is becoming an inflection point, altering the curve of conversation and moving us toward a more integrated fabric of knowledge.

We’re approaching a necessary renaissance in healthcare IT, where past knowledge becomes future advancement, supported by a seamless transfer of data and insight. In just a few days, as I walk the aisles of HIMSS, I look forward to finding out if everyone else senses this movement, too. I want to know if other vendors, thought leaders, and industry executives are as eager as I am about turning our healthcare internet pipedream into a reality.

Checking the weather in Orlando during HIMSS, I realize how much I take for granted the National Weather Service and its weather internet, the access it provides to an open source feed of all of its weather data from all of its weather stations. It’s time for healthcare’s equivalent.

We’re at an exciting juncture in the industry where real time intelligence and the blossom of insight are taking hold of healthcare; we see this in our own data, in innovation, and beyond. Creating a prolific stream of information and conversation takes a village, and HIMSS might be just the colorful, energetic village we need. 

What are you most excited for at #HIMSS17?