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Hinged Launches Revolutionary Online Home Management Service Across Fairfield and Westchester Counties


Hinged, a unique, easy-to-use online home management service, today announced its launch throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. Called EfficientLifestyle during its beta period in Westport, the new Hinged brand and enhanced features reflect the company’s mission of making home ownership smooth and simple.

“Hinged revolutionizes the way sophisticated homeowners manage and care for their homes, giving them a cloud-based professional property manager for their entire house and property, and enabling them to manage everything, from projects to repair and maintenance, via our intuitive, mobile-friendly home management dashboard at Hinged.com,” said Tye Schlegelmilch, co-founder and CEO. “Based on the rave reviews we’ve received from homeowners during our beta period, we have refined our interface and are excited to expand as we build momentum in these two premier counties and beyond.”

Residents throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties are invited to “Manage Your Entire Home” at Hinged.com. Following a quick sign-up, any home can be managed with ease. Hand-picked service providers are available to assist with almost any task and can be scheduled as easily as ordering a ride-sharing service. Hinged users need never write another check to a contractor: Hinged handles all payments and bills the homeowner’s credit card via its highly secure system.

“The largest investment most people will ever make is in their home, but the true cost of home ownership is much higher than the bills we pay each month,” commented Bill Green, co-founder and COO and a leading homebuilder in the area. “Truly, the largest cost in home upkeep is time spent on the whole process. If you’re spending two hours per week scheduling and coordinating contractors, that’s a huge expenditure. By eliminating that time spent, providing only fully-vetted contractors, handling payments, and assisting homeowners with tax tools and records management, Hinged brings ‘Peace of Home’ to busy homeowners.”

All service providers are carefully vetted, fully-insured, and must go through a rigorous process which includes a full background check on every employee that would set foot on Hinged members’ property before they can be “Hinged-Verified.”

Schlegelmilch concluded, “Both Fairfield and Westchester are full of busy, career-minded people who spend a tremendous amount of time managing their homes. Both counties also have an abundance of home contractors, but finding a reputable one that is timely and reliable is a headache that eats away at weekends, time with family, etc. Hinged eliminates those headaches and gives homeowners their time back, and we are excited to now offer it to homeowners across both counties.”

Insurance, Mortgage, and Real Estate Companies are also encouraged to connect with Hinged:

  • Insurance and Mortgage Companies share a common incentive with Hinged to improve home maintenance and preserve a property’s value
  • Real Estate agencies can enlist Hinged to easily integrate a unique offering into their home sales: a free Hinged membership, set up in advance, making home ownership headache-free from Day One

About Hinged

Hinged is a revolutionary online home management service. Dedicated to providing “Peace of Home,” Hinged brings homeowners, contractors, and communities together at Hinged.com. Free for homeowners, membership includes a comprehensive home inspection that syncs with the Hinged software, creating a customized, proactive dashboard and maintenance plan, fully-integrated with access to vetted and insured service providers.

For more information and to sign up, visit us at Hinged.com and connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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