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Hire Ground Launches Supplier Account Side of Supply Chain Inclusion Platform

Platform designed to help small and medium size businesses gain access to Fortune 5000 companies.

ATLANTA, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Hire Ground, a leader in the diversity inclusion platform space, launched the Supplier side of its supply chain diversity platform today. Hire Ground is focused on bringing suppliers and buyers together to create a more viable, profitable and competitive landscape for procurement buyers and diverse owned businesses.

Hire Ground is focused on helping any diverse business owner scale their business. The new side of the platform is designed to meet the needs of a small to medium-size diverse business and provide introductions and opportunities with Fortune 500 companies looking to find more diverse suppliers to fill their pipeline. Additionally, certification groups and associations utilize the platform to help introduce their members to other businesses so they can partner and grow their businesses together.

CEO Cloe Guidry-Reed says "We launched the Supplier side of our platform to the Supplier Diversity community to provide an easier way for enterprise and small to medium sized businesses to connect. We now have an easy way for entrepreneurs and small diverse business owners to get warm introductions to new business prospects, scale their business and report on their growth all within one system."

Hire Ground is continuing to push the supplier inclusion space forward by focusing on diverse business owners and leaders that understand that including diverse suppliers into the supply chain drives innovation and opens up new markets.. To learn more about how you can unlock access and gain opportunity visit hireground.io today.

About Hire Ground:
Hire Ground is SaaS technology platform powered by artificial intelligence and a global virtual community. We make the enterprise ecosystem more viable, profitable and competitive by clearing the path for majority-led small businesses to contribute to the global economy as suppliers to corporations. Leveraging world-class technology and innovation, we partner with diverse suppliers, enterprise buyers and local and national intermediary organizations to make business opportunities more inclusive and abundant for everyone.