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HireArt Launches Education Technology Challenge at Sloan-C Conference

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2013) - HireArt (www.HireArt.com), a new kind of jobs marketplace that uses online challenges to vet job applicants, announced today it is launching an Education Technology Challenge at Sloan-C 6th Annual International Symposium April 9-11 in Las Vegas, NV, to identify the best candidates to work at today's hottest ed tech companies. More than 50 companies have already signed on to participate in HireArt's challenge, understanding that online, challenge-based interviews are an effective way to identify the most qualified candidates for their firm.

Candidates interested in applying to these companies fill out just one HireArt application to be considered and compete to land exciting positions in some of the most prominent education technology companies in the United States, including Scholastic, General Assembly and Edmodo. They are asked to answer 5 questions that test their knowledge and passion for education technology. The HireArt platform makes it possible for candidates to record their responses in video, text and attachments. 

HireArt job experts then assess each candidate, grading interviews based on a comprehensive rubric, and will then share the top candidates with the 50 plus participating employers including education technology companies participating at Sloan-C. The roles the challenges will focus on are marketing, business development, sales, customer service, and operations.

"The growth of edtech startups in the past three years is unprecedented, and now the scarcity has moved to great people. HireArt is a uniquely powerful platform for solving some of the remaining roadblocks that prevent talented candidates and outstanding companies from finding each other rapidly," said Rob Hutter, Managing Partner of Learn Capital and an investor in HireArt. "With a core focus on solving the signaling problem at the intersection of skills and jobs, we consider HireArt a key part of the edtech revolution and it's terrific to see this tool unleashed to support startups in the sector."

"We are thrilled to see such great interest in our hiring challenge from the top education technology companies from across the United States," said Elli Sharef, co-founder of HireArt. "Education technology is clearly a hot market, and we are speaking with candidates everyday who are looking for a position in this fast-growing vertical. We strongly believe our interactive platform and ability to conduct challenge-based interviews is a win for both ed tech candidates and employers, helping to make the best match possible between the two."

To participate in HireArt's Education Technology Challenge, candidates can click here: https://www.hireart.com/edchallenge

About HireArt

HireArt is a new type of jobs marketplace that uses online challenge-based interviews to vet job applicants. HireArt screens and sources candidates through work samples and video interviews that mimic what a candidate would do at the real job. Employers use HireArt's web application to quickly identify and filter the most qualified candidates from a large pool of applicants. For job applicants, HireArt's interactive interviews allow them to best showcase their skills in a way that goes far beyond the traditional resume. HireArt is backed by Y Combinator. Please visit HireArt.com for more information.