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Historical Short Interest Of Stocks - New Feature Announcement


After creating a new page for stocks with the highest short interest , GuruFocus added a page that displays the historical Short Percentage of Float, Institutional Ownership, and Insider Ownership of stocks.

You can find the data and charts in the "Short Interest" tab of stocks. This is the example of Bio-Reference Laboratories Inc ( BRLI) . The stock has a short interest of 33.42%, a big drop from historical peak of 55%, as shown in the chart:

The historical institutional ownership and Insider ownership is also shown in the page:

The short interest can help us to understand some of the price drops. For instance, Weight Watchers International, Inc. (WTW), a member of Buffett-Munger model portfolio, has seen big price declines without news. But its short interest has soared lately:

The company spent $1.5 billion last year to buy back its undervalued shares. Currently its market cap is only $1.7 billion. This is the shares outstanding of Weight Watchers:

Let's see who will win, the short sellers or the company?

This article first appeared on GuruFocus.


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