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Hitachi Elevator leverages IoT to upgrade service solutions, targeting China's 7.3 million elevators currently in operation

·5 min read

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 10, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. ("Hitachi Elevator") hosted a gathering in Guangzhou where the main topic of the conversation was devoted to creating value with innovation, and building a future with intelligence. Targeting China's vast maintenance market for the more than seven million elevators currently in use, Hitachi Elevator showcased its comprehensive and professional elevator service solutions covering maintenance, refurbishing, renovation and installation.

Hitachi Elevator (China) president Jia Yuhui
Hitachi Elevator (China) president Jia Yuhui

Working with partners to leverage IoT for the management of elevators, while promoting "on-demand" maintenance services

China's State Administration for Market Regulation issued a document in April of this year, encouraging all stakeholders in the elevator industry chain to embrace service models that comply with the need for on-demand maintenance. Li Shoulin, chairman of the China Elevator Association, said at the gathering that China's elevator maintenance market is growing at a rate of about 10% annually, and is expected to exceed 80 billion yuan (approx. US$11.8 billion) by 2025. Elevator maintenance is where the next big opportunity lies in the world of vertical transport.

China Elevator Association chairman Li Shoulin
China Elevator Association chairman Li Shoulin

Hitachi Elevator is one of the industry pioneers in integrating IoT into its service models. Based on a roadmap favoring the development of solutions that deliver maintenance based on the application of IoT, the elevator manufacturer announced its latest series of upgraded maintenance and service solutions at the gathering.

Hitachi Elevator's general manager of engineering Xu Junjie revealed that the company has been working on providing a comprehensive maintenance solution portfolio, covering the gamut from electronics-driven maintenance and electronic signature, to an online application process for accessories, with capabilities for checking the progress of an approval or of the movement of a piece of equipment through the delivery process at any time. The improvement in the management of data has vastly facilitated the remote inspection and maintenance of elevators as well as the real-time capture of fault information, reducing the amount of manpower needed for elevator management by some 70%.

The government of the city of Shanghai recently launched a pilot program focused on the development of on-demand elevator maintenance services, with the goal of changing the model from one dependent on an on-site elevator maintenance visit once every 15 days to one based on round the clock monitoring combined with targeted maintenance. Hitachi Elevator is among the first companies to launch their own on-demand maintenance pilots.

Hitachi Elevator leads the industry with 380,000 elevators under maintenance, as well as over 240,000 elevators maintained virtually via the ELECLOUD® cloud service center. The center monitors the performance of every part 24/7 while the elevator is in operation, by carrying out over 600 AI-based pre-diagnoses, all of which cumulatively can detect more than 90% of faults, greatly improving maintenance efficiency and vastly reducing the number of times an elevator gets stuck with passengers inside. In addition, the platform reduces the number of hours spent on maintenance by 54% while improving the efficiency per capita by over 30% through its business intelligence-driven big data comprehensive analysis.

Hitachi Elevator's maintenance service solutions fully obviate the need for paper records, while enhancing efficiency by making the information concerning maintenance operations including customer signatures available on mobile phones and devices. The manufacturer has implemented paperless docking in the offices of the oversight authorities in several Chinese provinces and cities including Maoming, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Liaoning and Fujian.

Mr. Xu said that with the aim of improving the efficiency of elevator management, the company will offer three basic services – technical support, platform service and data service – to its partners and service providers, based on a collaborative win-win model.

Upgrading and renovation – aging elevators take on new look

The advanced age of the elevators in many of China's building has become a common concern not only across the industry but also throughout society in general. According to data released by the China Elevator Association, the country has more than 7.3 million elevators in use. The country is expected to upgrade 2.74 million elevators by 2030.

General manager of engineering at Hitachi Elevator (China) Xu Junjie
General manager of engineering at Hitachi Elevator (China) Xu Junjie

Mr. Xu noted, in order to resolve problems with aging elevators such as failure to meet the new national standards, declining efficiency, frequent need to take the elevator out of service for mounting repairs, dilapidated appearance and a disturbing level of noise while in operation, Hitachi Elevator provides upgrading and replacement solutions that fully overhaul the conveyance with the goal of delivering a new experience for passengers. Based on the condition of the elevator, Hitachi can provide a series of solutions that can act as a reference point and then, based on client feedback, create a perfect, customized and transformative solution for aging elevators that integrates intelligence, energy saving, functionality and an improved appearance into the offering.

As for frequently-used escalators, the challenge is greater, however it is one that Hitachi has been able to meet. The firm now has more than 15,000 escalators under maintenance for more than 10 years throughout China, while the demand for renovation is seeing explosive growth annually. As a result, Hitachi Elevator provides personalized solutions for the restoration of aging escalators depending upon the scenario.

To take an example, for escalators in shopping malls, Hitachi Elevator's overall replacement solution will soon become available. For escalators which have been in use for more than 15 years in shopping malls which are still open for business, the original truss will be retained while all the remaining parts will be replaced to complete the escalator renovation without affecting the mall's overall operations. For shopping malls with relatively new escalators, Hitachi will replace parts based on wear and tear as a result of the actual operating environment and the passenger throughput, completing the work in as brief a period as possible without affecting the normal operation of the mall.

Mr. Xu said, "Compared with conventional escalator renovation solutions, Hitachi's escalator upgrading solutions can be carried relatively quickly, while resolving challenges around escalator renovations that have plagued customers for a long time." Hitachi Elevator has always been thinking from the perspective of customers, using innovative technologies to solve social issues while creating greater value for users through more competitive products, services and solutions.

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SOURCE Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.