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HIWAY, a revolutionary online platform bridges the gap between employers and freelancers in the blockchain industry

NIJMEGEN AREA, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / September 25, 2018 / The global financial crisis led to a radical shift in manpower recruitment and engagement. Employment figures saw a steep fall due to massive layoffs. With no employer willing to focus on the conventional 9-5 long stretches of work and all its attendance demands, workers had no choice but to offer their skills and talents on-demand. Hopping from project to project without a cubicle to wall them in, freelancing took off as a profession.

Unfettered from the rigid, autocracy of the traditional work environment freelancers afforded employers an unprecedented level of mobility and access to talents without the fiduciary obligations. Workers could leverage their skills across a wide range of opportunities and maximize them all. In the wake of this, a new wave of initiatives was ushered in delivered by platforms seeking to directly connect freelancers with employment opportunities.

Online platforms opened up the gig and freelancing industry, turning it into a global industry that has become critical to the economy of many a nation. These platforms dramatically reduced the hassles and difficulties in locating employment opportunities through the creation of social networks for matching freelancers with employment offerings. Gone was the need for freelancers to be physically present for employment opportunities. Neither did they need to keep sending payment reminders to clients. Intermediaries will provide escrow for their funds and mediate contract engagement.

At least, that was initially intended as a promise in theory.

While it's undeniable that these freelancing platforms have improved communication and exposure to opportunities in the industry, the price the industry is currently paying for this mediation has started to take a toll on it and is threatening to stifle its growth.

Freelancers have been known to pay upwards of 25% of their pay in commission fees on some of the most popular platforms. Considering the fact that this fee is merely for connecting two parties together, appending some sort of malleable legal oversight to the engagement, and not contributing a quota to the execution of the job, this rate is more or less a rip-off.

With the horrors of the financial crisis still fresh in the minds of workers and its spectre something they have to keep contending with every day, there's now increasing demands from the $900 billion annual industry for solutions that will cut down on this rates, guarantee the exchange of values, and instantaneous settlement of services.

Hiway has heeded this call and is rising to the challenge.

A New Age of Freelancing

Building on the core foundation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and decentralization - Hiway is creating a platform that shatters all known boundaries and barriers to the recruitment process, lowering the costs of engagement and eliminating the trust issues that has crippled the industry for so long. Under the guardianship and technical prowess of industry veterans, Hiway is leveraging the blockchain and smart contracts to build a smart workforce marketplace where users don't need any human mediation to engage each other, thereby eliminating the cost of human mediation.

Instead of having users arbitrarily rate profiles to authenticate identity and reputation, Hiway will build a decentralized and immutable, online resume based on completed profiles and jobs. Employers will get the chance to review employees on their planning, deliverables and communication skills by creating an environment where people want to maintain the best possible service. This system will be immutable, verifiable and programmable through blockchain technology making system 'cheats' almost impossible

Understanding the freelancer's need for privacy and how easy their private and professional lives often intersects on popular social media platforms, Hiway has developed a one-click portfolio uploader targeting only the freelancer's body of work. This solution is aimed at helping freelancers overcome the biggest hurdle when it comes to starting out on a new platform - maintaining a record of all their jobs without having to start all over from scratch.

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