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HokuApps - The Engine for Roofing Southwest's Growth to U.S. National Prominence

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Launched in 2018, HokuApps-Designed Mobile App Has Allowed Roofing Southwest Continue Contactless Work Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

HOUSTON, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since its founding in 1971, Phoenix, AZ-based Roofing Southwest has grown into a national player in all 50 states, ranking it the #14 roofing companies in the country. As part of its corporate culture, the firm has always placed a high priority in adopting new technology, with one of the most significant advances occurring in 2018 when they partnered with HokuApps to develop a groundbreaking mobile roofing app.

Available for iOS on the App Store, the software allowed Roofing Southwest to dramatically reduce the number of staff and in-person visits required for routine inspections, on-site crew management, daily work updates and security alerts. Over the past three years, the relationship never waned as HokuApps continued to work with the company, responding to feedback with steady updates and refinements. Perhaps the most significant advantage of the app has been felt with the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the app's powerful tools, Roofing Southwest has been able to maintain "business as usual" while easily adhering to virus safety guidelines such as contactless interactions. The app even incorporated a "start day inspection" questionnaire to check whether any of the crew were in proximity to a COVID patient, a tool which was previously done on-site with paper forms.

It is HokuApps' perspective that business relationships don't end once the app is deployed. They value a long association with their clients and believe in a philosophy of steady evolution which benefits everyone involved. Before HokuApps began working with Roofing Southwest, the company had relied on a hodgepodge of paper forms, decentralized data storage and a disparate collection of software applications that were not necessarily even compatible. The app's deployment instantly reduced wait-times and finally enabled real-time collaboration between engineers, field inspectors and foremen across the 50-state organization to exponentially boost Roofing Southwest's efficiency, accuracy, and customer service experience. These great advantages proved to have perfect timing with the spread of COVID-19 and the mandated safety precautions.

"We are proud of our long association with Roofing Southwest and always give them the best possible support in terms of upgrades and updates," said Nand Kapoor, Director of HokuApps. "In the three years that they have used this app, it has become a critical driver in the company's transition to a technology-driven, highly efficient business. Nothing exemplifies this more than the way they were able to smoothly ride through the COVID-19 crisis with minimal disruptions to their workflows and deliveries."

"I would say that this app built by HokuApps for us has been a savior in these difficult times of COVID-19," said R.J. Radobenko, President, Roofing Southwest. "Though it had already more than proved its worth in the past, in these difficult days of the pandemic, with all the social distancing requirements, that it has proved invaluable. We would have been severely impacted if we still relied on the old paper-based reporting system that required extensive face-to-face interactions."

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