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Hollywood Lace Announces Special Offers on a Number of Hair Systems

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Jan. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since inception, hair system specialist, Hollywood Lace, has built a reputation for exceptional customer service, support, and world-class hair systems. This includes a proprietary front hairline bleached knots solution that is one of the lightest and discreet full lace hair systems available on the market today. Hollywood Lace is rated #1 most natural Hair System in the market today. To get the New Year kicked off right for its customers and new clients alike, Hollywood Lace is offering big discounts on almost all of its award-winning Hair Systems.

Hollywood Lace Is Offering 50% Off On Most Hair Systems To Kick Off 2020!

Recently announced specials cover a broad range of popular hair systems including the "Hollywood Lace Full Lace Hair System". This system, now $179 for a limited time, is normally priced at over $399. The Men's Hairpiece is outfitted with optional bleached knots and represents the highest of industry standards. Known for being one of the lightest and most discreet systems on the market, this product features proprietary knot bleaching and an innovative knot concealer providing a virtually undetectable hairline that is just as breathable as the wearer's own hair.

Other Featured Hair Systems with Limited-Time Special Offers Include:

  • Hollywood Lace with Side & Back Poly Hair System
  • Hollywood Lace with Full Poly Perimeter Hair System
  • New "Super Silk" Hair System with a Side & Back Poly
  • Super Silk with Full Poly
  • Invisible Thinnest Skin Hair System
  • Invisible Thin Skin Hair System
  • Invisible Medium Skin Hair System
  • French Lace Hair System
  • French Lace with Side and Back Poly
  • French Lace with Full Poly Perimeter
  • Hollywood Lace Front with French Lace
  • Hollywood Lace Front with French Lace Side and Back Poly
  • Hollywood Lace Front with French Lace Full Poly Perimeter
  • Light Monofilament with a Full Poly Perimeter

For those in need, the brand also sells a number of accessories and supporting hair system products such as:

  • Extended tape
  • Daily tape
  • Glues
  • Scalp Prep
  • Removal
  • Hair system repair kit

Custom Hair Systems

Custom hair systems are often the perfect solution for males seeking to restore their youthful appearance, allowing them to visually turn back the sands of time and restore their confidence.

Custom hair solutions from Hollywood Lace are tailored to match each customer's unique hair color, density, size, style and more, making each piece a truly unique one-of-a-kind system matched perfectly to the wearer.

What Makes their Undetectable Hair Systems so Special:

  • Results in a 100% invisible hairline
  • Unprecedented levels of discretion right out of the box
  • One of the lightest hairlines on the market
  • Top tier quality
  • Natural-looking hair
  • Custom-made and ready to wear
  • Touted as the "last hair system" anyone will ever need

About Hollywood Lace

Founded and run by William Richter, Hollywood Lace specializes in the development of 100% undetectable hair systems for men. Products include hair replacement systems, toupees, and hairpieces. With a 12-year track record of customer satisfaction, this innovative brand is a "go-to" provider for aging men wishing to look and feel their best.

Individuals interested in taking advantage of these special offers or salons or stylists interested in partnering with the brand to sell their products are encouraged to reach out via their official website or by way of the media contact information below.

Contact: Tomas Gallo, tomas@nextlevelsem.com


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