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Home Storage IRA is Crucial to Your Retirement - Learn Why

Augusta Precious Metals Introduces Home Storage IRA to Protect Americans' Hard-won Retirement Savings by Buying Precious Metals in IRA, Storing Locally

BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2015 / Augusta Precious Metals recently introduced its innovative Home Storage Gold IRA. This investment product gives Americans more security and better control over their retirement savings by letting them buy precious metals within their IRAs and store the metals locally.

"Why should you sit around waiting and hoping that the weakening U.S. dollar will turn around, the national debt will decrease, or that our trade deficit will suddenly change?" said Isaac Nuriani, CEO of Augusta Precious Metals. "What's more, why should you pay top dollar for someone to manage YOUR money in the hopes that they will do what is right for you?"

Nuriani and his team worked with noted tax attorneys, accountants, and investment specialists to create a Home Storage IRA that's easy and affordable for average Americans to open and manage. It offers everyone – investors, seniors and others – the ability to defend their life savings from the federal government's often-reckless fiscal policy.

"Our goal is to help hard-working people rise above the weak and panicked crowd that's chasing their secure retirements," said Nuriani. "We want to give our clients new options for retirement savings – just waiting for things to get better won't do! We advise people, you can't just 'wait this out' for 'things to change.'"

What's unique about Augusta's Home Storage IRA is that investors can buy precious metals within their IRA and store approved metals at home or in a safety deposit box. This is a relief to investors worried that Wall Street-run funds and banks would not or could pay all their account holders in the next economic crash.

"…Home Storage IRA is the perfect solution for many people who are unsure of the value of their current retirement plan," said Home Storage IRA client Michael H. in his Trustlink.org review. "This type of retirement plan allows me total control over my investment. I believe that precious metals will stay secure in their value, unlike many paper portfolios.

"This gives me peace of mind that my retirement funds will be soluble when I need them," said Michael H. "I can store my coins and precious metals for my IRA in the security of my home and know they are safe. Augusta Precious Metals help me do this with a very straight forward process."

Augusta Precious Metals' Home Storage IRA is a self-directed IRA LLC, which has been legal since 1996 U.S. Tax Court case, Swanson vs. Commissioner (106 TC 76). However, a Home Storage IRA must be structured properly to comply with the IRS Tax Code and retain its tax-deferred benefits.

Augusta Precious Metals' preferred tax attorney helps clients set up the proper legal entities: "limited liability company" (LLC) and an individual retirement account (IRA). Once both are in place, the IRA custodian exchanges the owner's retirement funds for the LLC's shares.

The investor is named the sole manager and can then buy and sell precious metals at will using the LLC's checking account. Investing is completely under the owner's control.

"We streamline the setup process for clients, making it easy," said Nuriani. "All you have to do is fill out two short forms, transfer funds, and open a business checking account for the LLC. That's it!"

As the LLC manager, the investor can store his or her IRA precious metals (only American Eagle coins) at home safe. He or she also can store IRA eligible coins in a bank safety deposit box. Augusta Precious Metals' tax attorney advises all clients to store their IRA metals in a safety deposit box for an extra layer of protection.

"And, of course, you'll sleep soundly knowing that your precious metals are in your physical possession, under your control," said Nuriani. "Like I always say, 'If you don't hold it, you don't own it.'"



Augusta Precious Metals (Augusta) is not qualified to offer tax and legal advice, and it does not offer such advice. The statements and opinions set forth are those of attorneys retained by Augusta, and are not the statements or opinions of Augusta. Augusta cannot and does not warrant the completeness of the research. Augusta encourages each to consult with his or her tax attorney prior to opening a home storage IRA and subsequently investing in precious metals to be stored in your home or safety deposit box.

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