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HomeExchange Launches Passport™ Program, a Breakthrough Evolution in Travel

LOS ANGELES, November 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

HomeExchange has unveiled its breakthrough Passport™ program , allowing world travel for free through a simple system where no money changes hands. HomeExchange is the world's largest home exchange network, with over 65,000 active listings.

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Supplementing its already successful "you stay in my home while I stay in yours" concept, Passport introduces a one-way, non-reciprocal exchange option that members have been seeking. They now earn the opportunity to stay in the destinations of their choice just by hosting different members.

"Passport is more than a solution, it's a paradigm shift." explained Jim Pickell, President of HomeExchange. "Our members in Hawaii dream of a trip to Paris, but Hawaii may not be the first choice for Parisians who may fantasize about New York. How could we accommodate everyone's wishes? Well, we now have the answer: Passport."

The revolution does not stop there. HomeExchange is the first to dare to abolish any consideration of the duration, location or size of the homes in a non-reciprocal program.

Building upon the traditional model of HomeExchange.com, where members coordinate two-way exchanges, the Passport program allows members to use one "Balloon" to stay in any other members' homes without necessarily hosting them in return. A Balloon is earned by hosting another member, also in a one-way exchange, thus expanding the world of exchange opportunities.

Balloons are earned regardless of length of stay, type of accommodation, or location; each time HomeExchange members host at their homes, they earn a Balloon that can be redeemed on a stay with any other members open to hosting the Balloon holder.

"Our members embrace all of the positive attributes of sharing. They've made HomeExchange a place where hospitality goes beyond the homes being exchanged. Providing this radically increased flexibility is merely a natural extension. In recognition of their needs and usage, we've prioritized conviviality over calculation," summarized Pickell.

Now everyone who joins HomeExchange gets Passport access, and a first Balloon is earned after committing to host another member or renewing membership for a second year.

Founded by Ed Kushins, a pioneer of the "collaborative consumption" movement, HomeExchange has facilitated over one million home swaps since 1992. HomeExchange makes it easy to plan and enjoy a home exchange vacation and offers an authentic experience while giving travel real meaning. It was voted "Best Site for Booking Your Stay 2016" by USA TODAY and 10Best. 

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